Phoenix: series two

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Under Siege

Episode 2.11
May 20, 1993
Written by Jan Sardi
Directed by Kate Woods
Guest Cast:
  • Paul Sonkkila as Jock Brennan
  • Michael Fry as Spivak
  • David Swann as Flannagan
  • Mark Hennessy as Garry
  • Barry Langrishe as Det Insp Lovell
  • Jane Broghesi as Tina Galea
  • George Fairfax as Asst Commissioner
  • Paul Karo as Ted McKinnon
  • Eileen Colocott as Doris McKinnon
  • Greg Stone as Det Insp Miller
  • Lea Reid as Cheryl Anne
  • Fiona Jarvis as Vic Pol Shadower #1
  • Dino Marniko as Vic Pol Shadower #3
  • Stephen Hall as AFP Shadower #3
  • Sally Kiel as Reporter #2
  • Richard Fitzgerald as Reporter #1
  • Nicholas Peate as AFP Shadower #1
  • Lawrence Mooney as AFP Shadower #2
  • Eric McKibbin as Tina's Son

The Majors' raid on the flat of a prime suspect for the aggravated burglaries goes terribly wrong when a terrified woman jumps from a second-story window resulting in serious injuries and their suspect slips through their fingers.

The new Chief Superintendent of Crime, Jock Brennan, arrives with the Internal Investigations Department to look into the bungled raid, which has once again put the squad's actions under scrutiny.

The Major Crime Squad desperately searches for their missing suspect as IID launches an investigation of the squads' action during the raid, with particular attention on Peter Faithful.

Forensic evidence found at the flat after the raid yields evidence linking the suspect to the aggravated burglaries.

Peter Faithful is taken hostage by their suspect.