Phoenix: series two

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The Return

Episode 2.04
Australia: March 25, 1993
Written by Phillip Roberts
Directed by Mark Callan
Guest Cast:
  • Keith Agius as Docket
  • Bob Halsall as Boomer
  • Russell Fletcher as Kermie
  • Jackie Kelleher as Betty Arthur
  • Brian James as James Arthur
  • Richard Moir as Tony Hansen
  • Natalie Bate as Pam Hansen
  • Mark Hennessy as Burglar #1
  • Eddy Mcshortall as Burglar #2
  • Roy Edmunds as Bill Donaldson
  • Tim Bell as Dave Moss
  • Andrea Swifte as Hypnotist
  • Clive Hearne as Forensic Physician
  • Sioux Currie as Photographer
  • David Ashton as Stamp Dealer
  • Rhonda Papadimitriou as Registrar
  • Neild Schneider as Carmody
  • Richard Fitzgerald as Simpson
  • Colin Duckworth as Bank Manager
  • Also:
  • Aaron Blabey
  • Jamen Sommerfeld
  • Shawn Unsworth
  • Christopher Garris
  • Janine Com
  • Christopher Bird
  • Sally Kiel
  • Chris Corbett

The Major Crime Squad is stunned by a second aggravated burglary at the Arthur's home which results in Arthur being beaten and his wife sexually assaulted.

The investigation is re-energised with the police struggling to determine if this newest robbery is related to the previous string of crimes or, as it quickly begins to appear, a crime of opportunity committed by someone within the family looking for six valuable stamps missed the first time.

The Major Crime Squad's manpower shortage is addressed by Inspector Murdoch who brings in Russell Howie from the Fraud Squad.

Richard Moir