Phoenix: series two

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Give A Dog A Bone

Episode 2.09
May 06, 1993
Written by Michael Harvey
Directed by Michael Carson
Guest Cast:
  • David Swann as Victor Flannagan
  • Lisa Chambers as Sharon
  • Bobby Bright as Nipper McRea
  • George Bodnar as Baz Lederwicz
  • Michael Carman as Morrie Bannerman
  • Sydney Jackson as Malcolm Stanley
  • Greg Carroll as Det [Del] Delaney
  • Luke Elliot as Spider
  • Shauna McEwan as Knicks
  • Shane Spence as T-Bone
  • Bruce Naylor as Wing-Nut
  • Robert Stevens as Supreme Court Judge
  • Di Perry as Flannagan's Wife
  • Linda Honan as Tina Flannagan
  • Pia Morley as Tina's Sister
  • Frank Nucara as Stall Holder
  • Jonno Pemberton as Tom
  • Chris Gaffney as Player #1
  • Luigi Cengarle as Player #2
  • John Penman as Player #3
  • Daniel Daperis as Marty

Pressure is on the Majors as they are forced to run their own surveillance on Flannagan a prime suspect. Clever detection finally reveals a new thread linking Flannagan to a shipping container coming into the country. Peter Faithful confirms the importation of drugs via Nipper his informant on the docks. Unfortunately there are now new players on the scene—the Australian Federal Police.