Phoenix: series two

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Inside Information

Episode 2.05
April 08, 1993
Written by Graham Hartley Directed by Michael Carson
Guest Cast:
  • Keith Agius as Docket
  • Bob Halsall as Boomer
  • Russell Fletcher as Kermie
  • Jackie Kelleher as Betty Arthur
  • Brian James as James Arthur
  • Natalie Bate as Pam Hansen
  • Nadine Garner as Lindy
  • Valerie Lewis as Lindy's Mother
  • Will Deumer as Nat
  • Bruce Kane as Des
  • Kevin Hopkins as Lance
  • Peta Brady as Mandy
  • Laurie Dobson as Ernie
  • George Fairfax as Asst Commissioner
  • Mark Pegler as Ragnar Bastin
  • George Pezzutto as Marcello Marki
  • Oswaldo Madine as Joe The Spag
  • Adele Danielle as Barmaid
  • Bruce Naylor as BCI Man
  • Maryrose Cuskelly as BCI Woman
  • Roger Neave as IID Detective #1
  • Tim Clarke as Local CI Detective

A tip from one of Murdoch's informants leads the Major Crime Squad to launch a raid on a warehouse hoping to find stolen property from the aggravated burlaries. The raid doesn't go as planned and Russell becomes the subject of a sexual assault charge by one of the young women arrested at the warehouse.

Peter Faithful adds another black eye for the Majors when an allegation of corruption is made against him after he is unknowingly recorded by BCI [Bureau of Criminal Intelligence] making a deal with a known criminal for information on the robbers. The Assistant Commissioner wants to make it an Internal Security matter and keep it out of the more public IID.

Aggravated burglary victim James Arthur is found dead in his home. Initial concern of a third visit from the robbers is quickly put to rest by Goose whose examination of the scene reveals a determined if poorly executed suicide, a death that sits heavy with Peter.