Phoenix: series two

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In On the Joke

Episode 2.08
Australia: April 29, 1993
Written by Deborah Parsons
Directed by Mark Callan
Guest Cast:
  • Frank Whitten as Stan Cutler
  • Alan Hopgood as Bill Douglas
  • Christopher Lee as Guy Douglas
  • Doris Younane as Roz Horton
  • Judy Johnson as Joan Douglas
  • Johnny Quinn as Boyd Ryan
  • Phil Sumners as Police Doctor
  • Barry Friedlander as Finch
  • Alexander Sangster as Lucy
  • Adam Briscombe as PSG #1
  • Steve Hardman as PSG #2
  • Theo Boutsinis as PSG #3
  • Wade Beed as PSG #4
  • John F Howard as PSG #5
  • Peter Houghton as PSG #6
  • Robin Dene as Nsw Magistrate
  • George Prataris as George Antoniades
  • Andrew Craig as Gaunt
  • Fred Barker as NSW Police Prosecutor
  • Sly Of The Underworld as The Shadow
  • Leslie Baker as Woman (Farmer)

A fingerprint found on a home-made gold bar recovered from the safe house leads the Major Crime Squad to known criminal Stan Cutler. Agreeing to talk only if he is put into police protection, Cutler provides the name of the man who melted down the stolen jewellery. Cutler escapes protective custody sending Moon and Fluff to NSW where he has been arrested on an outstanding warrent.

Police raid the panel shop where Cutler says the gold was melted down and forensics find evidence of the job.

Peter Faithful is investigated by ICS about a suspicious $20,000 that passed through his bank account.

"The Shadow", a radio personality reporting police gossip, reports that a secret police report reveals that the Major Crime Squad is on thin ice.

Christopher Lee and Doris Younane
John Howard and David Bradshaw Alan Hopgood with Simon Westaway
Frank Whitten