Phoenix: series two

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In the real world the recession is starting to bite deep. There is a rising tide of more violent crimes, hard hitting raids on the homes of the new soft targets, the old and rich. The public feels increasingly at risk and are calling for tougher action. Series 2 of this critically-acclaimed police drama sees the Major Crime Squad once again struggling to outmanoeuvre unknown perpetrators, amidst conflicting political pressures.

Victims Forever

Episode 2.01
Premiere: March 04, 1993
Written by Graham Hartley
Directed by Michael Carson
Guest Cast:
  • Jackie Kelleher as Betty Arthur
  • Brian James as James Arthur
  • Mark Pegler as Ragnar Bastin
  • Natalie Bate as Pam Hansen
  • Bernadette Walsh as Cheryl Rogers
  • Cliff Ellen as Harry
  • Bill Johnston as Meter Man
  • Peter Robb as Colter
  • William Albon as Pike
  • Trent Mooney as Uniformed Constable
  • Rick Elliott as Local CI Detective
  • Helen Magle as Woman at Hospital
  • Chris Doyle as Fingerprint Man
  • Anthony Christie as Photographer
  • Roger Rufus as Swampy
  • Chris Mclean as Needle
  • Ross Simmons as Barman
  • David Glastonbury as Ambulance Man

The resources of the Major Crime Squad are taken off an investigation into guns runners and focussed on the investigation of a series of aggravated burglaries. The latest home invasion has targeted the home of elderly couple Betty and James Arthur.

Sergeant Peter Faithful heads up the investigation but finds himself fighting the squad's new boss, Senior Sergent Adrian Moon, to the point where he goes over Moon's head to Superintendant Wallace, with no success, to question Moon's ability to manage the unit.

Unbeknownst to Peter, Moon has been working on instructions from higher up and is simply "doing the job he was told to do" in bringing the MCS into line.