Phoenix: series two

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Married to the Job

Episode 2.03
Australia: March 18, 1993
Written by Annie Beach
Directed by Kate Woods
Guest Cast:
  • Paul English as Whitey
  • Alan King as Spud
  • Peter Freund as Doc
  • Greg Fleet as Phil
  • Mark Hembrow as Damian Thorpe
  • Leigh Russell as Danny [Bennett]
  • Mark Neal as Gavin [Hennessey]
  • Robert Wallace as Inspector
  • Louis Dingemans as Dog #1
  • David Houston as Dog #2
  • Ingrid Ohlsson as Female Dog
  • Daniel Sassi as BCI Detective
  • Brad Kehoe as BCI Locksmith
  • Scott Manic as Cookie
  • Paul Kuek as Restaurant Owner

The Major Crime Squad's investigation into the aggravated burglaries has stalled. Forensics is a long way from providing any definitive answers and Inspector Murdoch wants to pull Peter Faithful off the case in order to bring in a fresh perspective.

Peter's wife Chris, a member of the drug squad, goes undercover to make a deal and finds her cover in jeopardy with a gun put to her head.

Carol Cochrane is pulled out of the lab to examine a drug lab under surveillance.

Adrain Moon's patience is tested when he is tasked with entertaining an interstate cop down in town for an extradition.