Phoenix: series two

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Snow Job

Episode 2.12
Australia: May 27, 1993
Written by Graham Hartley
Directed by Mark Callan
Guest Cast:
  • Paul Sonkkila as Jock Brennan
  • Nick Carrafa as Sergio Diego
  • Michael Fry as Spivak
  • Sean Myers as Superintendent Dover
  • Paul English as Whitey
  • David Swann as Flannagan
  • Bobby Bright as Nipper
  • Peter Hardy as Rocky Wilson
  • Jacek Koman as Steward
  • Alan King as Spud
  • Greg Fleet as Phil
  • Peter Costigan as Chopper
  • Neil Melville as Martin Schultz
  • Carl James Price as The Dentist
  • Sian Cooy as Brenda
  • Belinda McClory as Cilla
  • Nicholas Antipas as AFP Shadower
  • Tonina Silver as Young Woman

Under the growing pressure of yet another internal investigation, the Major Crime Squad's joint task force with the Federal Police focusses in on the docks as the drug shipment's arrival draws near.

Peter's informant on the docks puts his life on the line to provide key details of the operation but the AFP's own agenda gets in the way and forces Wallace to pull the plug on the task force.

Meanwhile, Jock Brennan demands answers from Peter Faithful and Adrian Moon about the failures on their last raid and calls upon Goose to investigate the incident.