Phoenix: series two

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Deal or Pay

Episode 2.02
March 11, 1993
Written by Alison Nisselle
Directed by Julian McSwiney
Guest Cast:
  • Radha Mitchell as Joanna
  • Stephen Millichamp as Rosco
  • Martin Sharman as Anton
  • Martin Crewes as Steve
  • Max Bruch as Barry
  • Cornelius Delaney as Danny
  • Colin Batrouney as Leon
  • Colwyn Roberts as Quarry Manager
  • Graham Dow as Mr McGregor
  • Peggy Nichols as Mrs McGregor
  • Dawn Klingberg as Yvonne
  • Gloden Mercer as Dolly Singer
  • Ian Toyne as Jeweller
  • Shauna MacEwan as Market Research Dog
  • Peter Docker as Car Dog
  • Jennifer Castles as Mother
  • Robert Kemp as Elderly Neighbour

Lack of man power is beginning to take its tole on the Major Crime Squad, hampering its ability to properly investigate. Superintendent Wallace's response is for Peter to use his resources more effectively and rely on forensics.

The squad is waiting on a new Inspector for the MCS to be named, rumour is it could be Lachie Renford but the new boss, Murdock, turns out to be a former toe cutter whose first day starts with him laying down the law to the squad. Mudock wants to see the squad get its reputation back and Wallace is prepared to let him go as far as he needs to put to rest the talk of disbandment, rumours which come as news to Murdock.

A watch from one of the aggravated burglaries turns up in a pawn shop giving detectives a new line of investigation.

The investigation of a jewellery store robbery nabs a young girl who refuses to cooperate with investigators, refusing to provide so much as her name.

Goose is busy collecting and analysing soil samples trying to match the samples recovered from the last burglery.