Phoenix: series two

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Safe as Houses

Episode 2.06
Australia: April 15, 1993
Written by Annie Beach
Directed by Julian McSwiney
Guest Cast:
  • Paul English as Whitey
  • Peter Freund as Doc
  • Greg Fleet as Phil
  • Fred Whitlock as Mickey
  • Ross Williams as Bradley
  • Petru Gheorghiu as Carlos Augustine
  • George Fairfax as Asst Commissioner
  • Scott Witt as Elmer Fud
  • Peter Green as Mr Kowalski
  • Michael Beckley as Couth
  • Vanessa Ready as Bag Lady
  • Mark Warren as Sullivan
  • Con Tsalkos as Carlo's Son
  • Steve Jodrell as John Rhys
  • Shauna MacEwan as Drug Squad Dog #1
  • Peter Docker as Drug Squad Dog #2
  • George Novak as Drug Squad Dog #3
  • Simon Woodward as DSG Snr Constable #1
  • Matthew Green as DSG Op Operator
  • Chris Doyle as Fingerprint Man
  • John Evans as Photographer

Columbian crime figure Carlos Augustine is the Majors' newest person of interest. Known to be into the same high end items as the aggravated burglars targeted, the Majors want to approach him for information. BCI [Bureau of Criminal Intelligence] already has a relationship with him and is reluctant to turn him over until Murdoch is able to work out a deal.

Carlos provides a tip on a suspect which, coupled with information from BCI, leads the Majors to a safe house which upon being raided is found to be full of stolen paintings and antiques. The raid also nets two suspects, one of whom has been the subject of a now ruined month-long undercover sting operation by Peter's wife Chris and the Drug Squad.

Murdoch and Wallace appear before the Assistant Commissioner to address the high number of complaints against the Major Crime Squad. The Assistant Commissioner wants Murdoch to "shorten the leash".

Goose's investigation into lead contaminated sites runs up against a stubborn land owner.