Phoenix: series two

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Hit, Shit and Scatter

Episode 2.13 (finale)
June 03, 1993
Written by Alison Niselle
Directed by Michael Carson
Guest Cast:
  • Paul Sonkkila as Jock Brennan
  • Kim Knuckey as Pup
  • Mark Hennessy as Garry McKinnon
  • Paul English as Whitey
  • Jackie Kelleher as Betty Arthur
  • George Fairfax as Asst Commissioner
  • David Swann as Flannagan
  • Nick Carrafa as Sergio
  • Greg Carroll as Delaney
  • Neil Melville as Martin Schultz
  • Carl James Price as The Dentist
  • Greg Fleet as Phil
  • James Patrick as Hayes
  • Jane Allen as TV Reporter
  • Wendy Meddings as Ros (Intercept)
  • Annika Glac as Dental Nurse
  • Fiona Corke as Dog #1
  • Shauna MacEwan as Dog #2
  • Shane Spence as Dog #3
  • Maryrose Cuskelly as Dog #4
  • Scott Snibson as Dog #5
  • David Cotter as Dog #6
  • Eric Donnison as Bank Manager
  • Michael Dyson as Bank Officer
  • Gary Kliger as Arch
  • Norbert Von Zum Hof as Dog Techno #1
  • Sean Ladhams as Dog Techno #2
  • Johnny McCall as Newspaper Seller

The recovery of the body of the second aggravated burglar is good enough for the Assistant Commissioner who is content to shut down the investigation to satisfy the media who are fuelling the demand for a public inquiry into the conduct of the Major Crime Squad. Wallace defends the squad but it is already too late, once the investigation is over, the squad will be shut down.

With the departure of the Federal Police, the forces of the Major Crime Squad and Drug Squads rally to push the drugs out of the docks and into circulation. The Majors make their move, seize the drugs and arrest the known men involved but the money eludes their grasp as Martin Schultz's unidentified partner slips away with the cash.

The job done, Chief Superintendent Brennan announces the disbanding of the squad, effective immediately.

"Disbanding a squad's not done lightly. You have been given repeated warnings about the level of complaints and ample time to settle down and start working within the acceptable limits. You know what the policy is. The hit, shit and scatter way of doing a job is a thing of the past and anyone who thinks otherwise has just labelled himself a dinosaur. Andrew Saunders... Arson Squad; Antony Luciano... Fraud Squad; Russell Howie... Armed Robbery; Wayne Anderson... Drug Squad; Kath Darby... Dealers Squad; Adrian Moon... Prison Liaison; Peter Faithful... Public Affairs Division. The rest of you will report to the Senior Sergeant at St Kilda CI at 0900 tomorrow morning. You are to clear your desk before you leave tonight. The Major Crime Squad is officially disbanded as of now. It's a pity it had to come to this... but you brought it on yourselves." - Chief Superintendent Brennan

"The job's fucked." - Peter faithful