Phoenix: series two

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Aladdin's Cave

Episode 2.07
Australia: April 22, 1993
Written by Jan Sardi
Directed by Kate Woods
Guest Cast:
  • Steve Jodrell as John Rhys
  • Belinda Davey as Merrill Rhys
  • Fred Whitlock as Mickey [Michael Dyson]
  • Martin Sharman as Anton
  • Jackie Kelleher as Betty Arthur
  • Paul English as Whitey
  • Sarah Herlihy as Judy Howard
  • Howard Stanley as Ron
  • Peter Harvey-Wright as Mason
  • Paul Cheyne as Rhys' Son
  • Lean Hallis as Rhys' Daughter
  • John Evans as Photographer
  • Chris Doyle as Fingerprint Man
  • Vesna Zovko as Helen
  • Marie-Therese Byrne as Mrs Maffey
  • Laurie Dobson as Ernie
  • Caitlin Morris as Dog #1
  • Zeano Dean as Dog #2

The Major Crime Squad take drug dealer Michael Dyson and local businessman John Rhys into custody and begin processing the contents of the safe house. They are searching for a link to the aggravated burglaries while the Drug Squad joins in looking for links to the amphetamine trade.

Both men are slow in talking but as the evidence begins to build, Michael confesses he received the stolen goods found in the house from Rhys.

Rhys is slow to cooperate but when the police raid his home, he reluctantly talks to protect his wife. He explains the extent of his involvement was to pick up the stolen goods but he won't give up any names for fear of his safety and for that of his wife revealing that the burglaries are just the tip of the iceberg, with it all tied to drug importation.