Phoenix: series two

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Shuffling the Deck

Episode 2.10
Australia: May 13, 1993
Written by Deborah Parsons
Directed by Julian McSwiney
Guest Cast:
  • Paul English as Whitey
  • Nick Carrafa as Sergio Diego
  • Sean Myers as Superintendant Dover
  • Fred Whitlock as Mickey Dyson
  • Greg Fleet as Phil
  • Giordano Gangl as Detective Connor
  • Margaret Ricketts as Freda Addison
  • Don Munro as Ted Addison
  • Robert Wallace as Inspector Dodds
  • Michael Fry as Sergeant Spivak
  • Sally-Anne Upton as Woman at Factory Site
  • Shauna MacEwan as Dog #2 (Drug Squad)
  • Joan Murray as EPA Science Officer
  • Scott Snibson as Dog #1 (Drug Squad)
  • Louise Watson as Unif. Const. #2
  • Richard Neal as Local C.I. Detective
  • Peter Freind as Doc
  • Anthony Fletcher as Waiter #1
  • Sebastian Gunner as Waiter #2
  • Katrina Condor as Bar Worker

Chris Faithful and the Drug Squad's work is side-tracked when Mickey passes Chris on to a new supplier. He's more cautious than Mickey but the squad's efforts provide an access to a large shipment coming into the country.

Wallace convinces the Federal Police to form a joint task force and work alongside the Major Crime Squad to target the drug importation while not jeopardising the Major's agg burg investigation.

A seemingly unrelated break-in at an elderly couple's home yields forensic evidence that links the crime to the aggravated burglaries. The continued examination of the soil samples from the safe house results in Goose making a break-thru, determining a WWII munitions factory as the likely source.