The Secret Life of Us: profiles

Abi Tucker

Describing herself as "an actor/musician who loves to play characters", Abi Tucker has had the opportunity to both sing her own material and to act in the key cast of The Secret Life of Us.

"My passions are music and acting. I've been fortunate to be able to do both. Sometimes people ask which one I would prefer that's a question I can't answer. I seem to be making music constantly even when I'm concentrating on acting and vice versa."

Of her role in The Secret Life of Us, Abi says: "Miranda is ambitious and she does have a few setbacks. Being an actor you can only hope you can portray what it's like to be in a position where you're out of work.

"Miranda is up and down a lot of the time; she has been for auditions that haven't come her way, but she keeps her chin up. She's just dealing with life as it comes.

"She puts a lot of time into her relationship with Richie and she's obviously very close to Will. She's found herself a great group of friends she connects with well.

"I'm enjoying doing the show in every way and playing a character I can relate to."

Abi also wrote and performed two songs for the feature film Angst. When she landed the role of Jodie in Heartbreak High, what began as a small part and "a couple of tracks" ended up being 65 episodes and a spot on the soundtrack.

Following on from Heartbreak High, Abi's TV work has included Wildside, the telemovie My Husband My Killer and a guest appearance in Water Rats. She also appeared in the feature film The Wog Boy.