The Secret Life of Us: profiles

Anna Torv

Anna was born in Melbourne and moved to Sydney, but the majority of her growing up years were spent on the Gold Coast.

A graduate of NIDA, Anna’s passion was always acting with her professional debut being the lead in The Credeaux Canvas theatre production.

“It was the perfect experience to finish NIDA and come straight into a paid acting role,” she says.

Her first taste of television was in 2002 when she joined the cast of Young Lions and played opposite Alexandra Dimitratis.

Anna next moved to Adelaide to shoot the film Travelling Light and in 2003 toured Australia on stage playing Ophelia in Hamlet.

Anna has returned to Melbourne for her role as Nikki on The Secret Life Of Us.

Anna says of her character, “Nikki is harsh. I can understand why though and I hope the audience will also learn to understand in time.

“She’s really full-on and more so than me. I would always stop myself before she does. I was cynical about life and particularly about love when I was younger, just like Nikki. Since then I have fallen in love but at the moment, Nikki is too afraid.”