The Secret Life of Us: profiles

Michael Dorman

Evan took matters into his own hands when there were spare rooms in the apartment block. Becoming expansive over a game of lawn bowls, he invited Christian home as a prospective tenant, and the friendship grew from there.

Michael Dorman says he feels privileged to be a part of the core cast of The Secret Life of Us. He was a fan of the show when it premiered in 2001 and he was in his final year of drama at the Queensland University of Technology. (QUT is the same drama school attended by fellow cast member Deborah Mailman.)

After graduating, Michael, who is 21 years old, moved to Sydney and now The Secret Life of Us has taken him to live in Melbourne for the first time.

Michael says of acting: "I love to give to people…and to give people enjoyment. Acting is a way of enlightening people about your view of life," he says.

Born in New Zealand, Michael lived in Auckland until he was 10 years old, when his family moved to Bundaberg in Queensland. Any trace of a Kiwi accent disappeared almost immediately to avoid teasing at school… "I had to mimic what Australians sounded like".

Although he's lived half his life in Australia, Michael says he'd visit New Zealand any day of the week. "It's my most favourite place in the whole world. It's my home."

Michael has been successful in making the character of Christian as much like himself as he could.

"He's always joking; he likes people to feel good. If they are down, he likes to help them—he's always there. Christian is very easy-going, he's a soul man—nice, genuine.

"I think he's intuitive. When he meets people, he'll suss them out in the first five minutes, but he's not quick to judge."

Introduced to Miranda, Alex, Kelly and the others by Evan, Christian was drawn to them immediately. "He's a people person and they are like a great bunch," says Michael.

Outside work, Michael spends time playing music (drums and guitar) and is big on family and friends… "and I love cars and motorbikes".