The Secret Life of Us: profiles

Damian De Montemas

Damian de Montemas travelled through the UK and Europe and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree before studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in Perth.

He says of Jason: "When he makes mistakes, he makes big mistakes.

"He wakes up and thinks: 'How did my life get to here?' He has lost his girlfriend, doesn't like his job; the world that he has built up around him has just crumbled down. He's alone and he feels like he's lost his friends.

"He's not a total basket case though… he still has a wry sense of humour."

Like his character, Damian says he is "always wanting something more; something different".

Since graduating from drama school, Damian has appeared in the television programs My Husband My Killer, Water Rats, Farscape, All Saints, Pizza, Blue Heelers and Chameleon II.

He also had a leading comic role in the ABC-TV/BBC 2 series Minty. Damian played "a pretty thick surfie soap star who mistakenly thought he was a really good actor ".

Damian has also appeared in two sellout season of the play Freak Winds with Marshall Napier and Roxane Wilson. Theatre is one of Damian's great passions. "I definitely want to do as much theatre as I can."

When he is not working Damian spends as much time as possible writing and trying to improve his surfing. To keep fit he runs, swims, plays tennis and enjoys "kicking the footy" with mates.