The Secret Life of Us: profiles

Sullivan Stapleton

Growing up, Sullivan hadn’t ever thought of himself as an actor.

In fact, it wasn’t until being part of the 1995 film, River Street that Sullivan realized he enjoyed performing and wanted to make a life out of it.

Everything Goes, starring Hugo Weaving and Abi Cornish, has been his latest film venture. Sullivan was invited to play the role a boy who loses out on everything – an ironic metaphor given that it the role was a positive milestone in Sullivan’s career.

Sullivan also has numerous television credits including Ponderosa; MDA; Something in the Air; Stingers; Neighbours and Halifax f.p. His first guest role was at the age of 15 on Blue Heelers.

Sullivan joined The Secret Life Of Us towards the end of series three.

“Before joining Secret Life I used to watch them playing soccer in my park as I lived across the road from the production base. Now as it turns out, I just walk across the road to work.”

When Sullivan isn’t playing the role of Justin, he spends his time kicking around the football with Rhys.

Sullivan says, “Justin is very studious and academic. He is a great debater and very politically aware. As a result he is extremely opinionated and very confident which often means he comes across as being quite cocky and arrogant.”