The Secret Life of Us: profiles

Nicholas Coghlan

Nicholas, one of seven children, has had a very different upbringing to that of his character on The Secret Life Of Us.

“Adam couldn’t be further away from me in terms of character. Even shopping for his wardrobe was a difficult thing to do. Vanity is a very strange thing to embrace.

“…and the challenge (as with any character) is to play him with as much empathy as possible; to recognise his humanity and to trade in truth.”

Nicholas says, “Adam is competitive by nature. He has a fairly tumultuous family background, which lends itself to his competitiveness and also his inability to form meaningful relationships with women. He is utterly commitment phobic.”

Born and bred in Melbourne, Nicholas attempted university several times but was frustrated and bored with the process. He realized he could explore his interests in a more practical way through acting.

Nicholas graduated from NIDA last year and has since had guest roles in Home & Away and Comedy Inc. prior to joining The Secret Life Of Us.

Also in 2003, he had a role in the film Star Wars Episode III and on stage in The Threepenny Opera with Company B Belvoir Street.