Produced by Gannon Jenkins Television Pty Ltd for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Executive Producers: Ben Gannon and Michael Jenkins
ABC Executive Producer: Andy Lloyd James
ABC Commissioning Editor: Sue Masters
Creators: Michael Jenkins, Ben Gannon
Producer: Steve Knapman
Original Music: Peter Best

Aired: 1997–1999 (ABC)

An acclaimed series set around a group of people who deal with the endless array of problems, crimes and triumphs that tumble onto the streets of a city bursting with life. The action focuses on the men and women who work in a downtown police station and a renegade crisis centre in the tough red light district of the city. The characters are intensely swept up in the issues that confront, frighten, thrill and obsess today's world. Their approach, by enforcing the law or through care and understanding, will bring them into conflict, but ultimately their belief in natural justice is what binds them inextricably together.
Tony MartinDet. Bill McCoy
Rachael BlakeDr. Maxine Summers
Aaron PedersenVince Cellini
Jessica NapierGerry Davis
Alex DimitriadesDet. Charlie Coustos
Abi TuckerDet. Kate Holbeck
Victoria LongleyInspector Virginia King
John HowardDet. Frank Reilly
Tammy MacIntoshDet. Kim Devlin
Richard CarterDet. Brian Deakin
Abbie CornishSimone Summers
John O'HareRob Summers
Mary CoustasLouise Arden
cast photo

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