The Secret Life of Us: profiles

Alexandra Schepisi

Alexandra was born and bred in Melbourne so joining the cast of The Secret Life Of Us has been a happy homecoming.

Quite unlike her character, Alexandra has been a passionate activist for years campaigning for everything from environmental issues to free trade agreements while also involved in educating the Australian public about the plight of refugees.

While she was once actively involved, her life has since taken a different path.

She graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Dramatic Art in 1997.

After working as an actor for the next 18 months, Alexandra went overseas and for two and a half years she travelled and worked through Europe, the UK, the States, Nepal, India and Thailand.

Her next trip was to pursue life as an actor at home with her first break playing the role of Ed Davis in MDA.

Alexandra’s next exciting role was in 2003 doing the theatre production, Stitching.

Of her role in The Secret Life of Us, Alexandra says,” Lucy is a really gentle, kind-hearted schoolteacher. She errs on the conservative side and therefore always takes the safe option when presented with a choice.

“She is at the same time, totally accepting of others and non-judgmental of the choices her friends make in life. She just wouldn’t necessarily make the same decisions.”