The Secret Life of Us: profiles

David Tredinnick

David Tredinnick's voice is well known to Australia's sight impaired and those who just enjoy a good talking book. He has won two Vision Australia Narrator of the Year Awards. David has read more than 50 titles.

He describes his character, Simon, in The Secret Life of Us as "a pretty straight up and down no-nonsense sort of guy. He's seen a lot and done a lot of stuff and now he's kicking back. He's quite happy to be running a bar and not thinking about anything else."

David has worked with many theatre companies including the Melbourne Theatre Company, Playbox, Ranters Theatre Company and La Mama. His credits include The Talented Mr Ripley, Roulette, Dealer's Choice, Strangers in the Night and Angels in America Parts I & II. His portrayal of Prior in this Melbourne Theatre Company production won him a Green Room Award in 1993 for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

"It was an epic journey of seven hours, in which I played a man living with HIV/AIDS in America during the Reagan era. It was a roller coaster ride for both the actors and the cast."

David has appeared in television series including State Coroner, Blue Heelers, Raw FM, Something in the Air, Waiting at the Royal and Halifax f.p. His guest appearance in the Halifax f.p. episode Swimming With Sharks saw David nominated for an Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Television Drama.

David's film credits include Life, Zone 39, Derwent Envy, Dead on Time and Pozieres.

In 2001 he will tour with the Ranters Theatre production of Roulette to the Belvoir Street Theatre in Sydney before travelling overseas with the show for a season in Portugal.