The Secret Life of Us: profiles

Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson says that since he grew up in a house filled with books but without a television, it's mildly ironic that he's playing a writer on a TV show.

"Evan's a big slut. He's a writer who spends more time sleeping with women than writing.

"He's fun. He has many secrets. Not many people know he can dance salsa and that he can sing. He's both a little bit mysterious and very, very forthright.

"He's in love with Alex—it's that simple. He's never really imagined Alex in love with him though."

Samuel says he loves the way The Secret Life of Us is not overstated ("nor indeed overplayed").

He liked the writing first-off. "It was young, contemporary and snappy. It was going to appeal."

Acting hadn't been a priority for Samuel until he auditioned for the school play with some mates. He won the role of the mad scientist in The Pink Panther Strikes Again. Rhonda Schepisi was in the audience and with her help he got an agent and an Equity Card. He was 15 years old.

As an actor, Samuel would like to do more theatre. His stage credits include Hotel Sorrento, The Present, The Snake Pit, Mad Woman's Fountain and Life During Wartime.

His television credits include Halifax f.p., Something in the Air, Stingers, Good Guys Bad Guys, Thunderstone, The Last of the Ryans, Raw FM, Blue Heelers, Home and Away, and Ocean Girl.

An appearance in the television series Wildside earned Samuel a nomination for an Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Television drama.

He has appeared in the features Angel Baby, Strange Fits of Passion and Inner Sanctuary.