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Call Me Mum

Year: 2005
Aired: May 06, 2007 (SBS)
Produced by Big and Little Films
Producer: Michael McMahon
Director: Margot Nash
Writer: Kathleen Mary Fallon

Kate, a white Australian foster mother, is on a plane taking Warren, her 18 year-old Torres Strait Islander foster son, to meet Flo, his birth mother, who is gravely ill in a Brisbane hospital. Flo hasn't seen Warren since she took him to the hospital on Thursday Island when he was a toddler and the white authorities took him away. But as Warren, Flo and Kate all prepare themselves for the reunion, Kate's parents, Dellmay and Keith, are planning a different kind of reunion.

Starring: Catherine McClements as Kate, Vicki Saylor as Flo, Dayne Christian as Warren, Lynette Curran, Ross Thompson

Da Kath and Kim Code

Year: 2004
Produced by Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Riley Turner Productions Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Gina Riley, Jane Turner, Rick McKenna, Sue Lester
Producers: Rick McKenna, Jane Turner, Gina Riley
Director: Ted Emery
Writers: Gina Riley, Jane Turner

Kel and Kath have just been on an overseas tour based on the 'The Da Vinci Code'. They return to Fountain Lakes refreshed and ready to gear up for Christmas Day. But Kath's admiration for another man causes an outbreak of jealousy in Kel. The result is a shocking incident that could lead to a ruined marriage and possible legal proceedings.

Cast: Jane Turner, Gina Riley, Glenn Robbins, Peter Rowsthorn, Magda Szubanski, Barry Humphries

The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant

Romola Garai October 30, 2005 (Ten, 8:30)
Produced by Screentime Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Bob Campbell, Des Monaghan, Andy Harris, Sue Masters, Justin Bodle
Producers: Greg Haddrick, Andrew Benson
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Writer: Peter Berry

Mary Bryant is a true life epic of an extraordinary young woman and her fight for the freedom and the dignity of her young family in the colony of Botany Bay, on the open seas of the Pacific Ocean, in the fine homes of Timor and the courts of Boswell's England.

Starring: Romola Garai, Jack Davenport, Alex O'Lachlan, Sam Neill, Tony Martin, David Field, Garry McDonald

Little Oberon

Walton, Thornton, Byrnes September 18, 2005 (Nine)
Ratings: 1.559 million viewers
Produced by Christie Films and The Grundy Organisation
Executive Producer: Stanley Walsh
Producer: Susan Bower
Director: Kevin Carlin
Writer: Peter Gawler

Sigrid Thornton portrays ailing eccentric artist Lola Green who lives in the sleepy mountain town of Little Oberon. Sparks fly when Lola is visited by her estranged and tempestuous daughter Georgie (Tasma Walton) and rebellious granddaughter Natasha (Brittany Byrnes Byrnes), and the tiny community is woken with a jolt.

There are secrets in the town including a long unsolved disappearance. Nothing is as it seems as magic stalks the streets and love, lust and mystery collide while the Greens - grandmother, mother and daughter - are at the heart of everything.

The telemovie was filmed on location in the Victorian towns of Marysville and Mount Macedon as well as the studios of Melbourne.

Starring: Sigrid Thornton as Lola Green, Tasma Walton as Georgie, Brittany Byrnes as Natasha, Brett Climo, Peter Rowsthorn, Alexander Capelli, Helen Dallimore, Sullivan Stapleton, Morgan O'Neill, Heidi Arena, Julie Eckersley, Katrina Milosevic, Sam Healey, Tim Amos, Syd Brisbane, Peter Houghton, Sweeney Young and Tony Nikolakopoulos.

Remote Area Nurse

Susie Porter Janaury 05, 2006 (SBS)
Produced by Chapman Pictures Pty Ltd
Producer: Penny Chapman
Co-Producer: Helen Panckhurst
Directors: David Caesar, Catriona McKenzie
Writers: John Alsop, Sue Smith and Alice Addison

Set in the Torres Strait islands, this is the story of a talented, bloody minded and committed white woman and a people who love her but want her gone. (6 x 52min)

Starring: Susie Porter as Helen Tremayne, Charles Passi as Russ Gaibui, Billy Mitchell as Robbo, Luke Carroll, Margaret Harvey, Bruce Spence, Felix Wiliamson, John Brumpton, Merwez Whaleboat, Jimi Gela, Peta Brady, Aaron Fa'aoso, Serai Zaro, Belford Lu, Gabriel Piloti, Patrick Ahwang, Louisa Taylor, Santa Marina Rodgers, Nora Bagiri, Moses Kaddy, Dan Mosby, Elsie Passi, Gail Mabo, Fred Kebisue

The Silence

Emily Barclay, Richard Roxburgh April 02 and 09, 2006 (ABC)
Produced by Jan Chapman Films
Producers: Jan Chapman and Anthony Anderson
Writers: Alice Addison and Mary Walsh
Director: Cate Shortland

A policeman (Richard Roxburgh) traumatised by a recent incident is relegated to curating a police photographic exhibition. His obsession with the exhibition photos, which suggest connections between a series of murders, opens a Pandora's box with dangerous and irreversible results. (2 x 55min)

Starring: Richard Roxburgh, Essie Davis, Emily Barclay, Alice McConnell

Small Claims 2: White Wedding

Year: 2005
Produced by RB Films
Executive Producer: Sue Masters
Producers: Rosemary Blight, Ben Grant
Director: Cherie Nowlan
Writers: Kaye Bendle, Keith Thompson

The second instalment of the SMALL CLAIMS telemovies finds Chrissy and Jo in the midst of organising a wedding. A mysterious death throws the wedding into chaos. Murder, motherhood, mayhem.

Cast: Claudia Karvan, Rebecca Gibney, Roy Billing, Alyssa McClelland, Deborah Kennedy, Brooke Satchwell

Small Claims 3: The Reunion

Year: 2005
Produced by RB Films
Executive Producer: Sue Masters
Producers: Rosemary Blight, Ben Grant
Director: Tony Tilse
Writer: Kaye Bendle, Keith Thompson

The third instalment of the SMALL CLAIMS telemovies finds Chrissy and Jo at Chrissy's university reunion. Surrounded by success, Chrissy begins to question her decision to stay at home with the kids. When a friend is found murdered, Chrissy and Jo are drawn to solve the mystery. Murder, motherhood, mayhem.

Cast: Claudia Karvan, Rebecca Gibney, Lisa Chappell, Peter Phelps, Simon Bourke, Alison Whyte