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Big Ideas

Year: 1992
Produced by Robert Bruning Productions Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Robert Bruning, Tom Donald
Producers: Adrienne Read, Robert Bruning
Director: Mike Smith
Writer: Peter Neale

An intrepid young entrepreneur takes on the bureaucracy in an ecological detective hunt.

Cast: Justin Rosniak, Gosia Dobrowolska, Harold Hopkins

The Distant Home

Year: 1992
Produced by Robert Bruning Productions Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Robert Bruning, Tom Donald
Producers: Adrienne Read, Robert Bruning
Director: Robert Marchand
Writer: Tony Morphett

A suburban couple discovers their young daughter is an alien. (91min)

Cast: Melissa Jaffer, Marnie Reece-Wilmore, Dene Kermond

Frankie's House

Year: 1992
An Australia/UK co-production
Produced by Roadshow Coote & Carroll Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Penny Chapman, Brenda Reid
Producers: Eric Fellner, Matt Carroll
Director: Peter Fisk
Writers: Sue Masters Andy Armitage Matt Ford

FRANKIE'S HOUSE was a centre for hedonism in Saigon when the young photo journalist, Tim Page, landed there in 1965. He went on to record the atrocities of the Vietnam War and win world acclaim. (2 x 120min)

Cast: Iain Glenn, Kevin Dillon, Steven Vidler, Caroline Carr, Stephen Dillane, Alan David Lee, Ally Fowler, Todd Boyce

Joh's Jury

image Year: 1993
Produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation with Southern Star Sullivan
Executive Producers: Errol Sullivan, Penny Chapman
Producer: Rod Allan
Writer: Ian David
Director: Ken Cameron

A dramatised documentary about the jury deliberations which followed the 1991 trial of former Queensland Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen. Joh's Jury is based on extensive research by Ian David and Robyn Smith. Months were spent interviewing jurors, the defence team, the prosecution team, police and journalists; and sifting through newspaper and television reports and court manuscripts. Sir Joh, former leader of the National Party and Premier of Queensland for 19 years; and the man responsible for shaping the cultural ethos of Australia's 'deep north' would now be judged by his peers. (120min)

Cast: Simon Bossell, Penny Cook, Julie Hamilton, John Howard, Elaine Hudson, John Jarratt, Malcolm Kennard, Betty Lucas, Rebecca Rigg, John Sheerin, Noah Taylor, Norman Yemm, Gerry Connolly, John Clayton, Graeme Blundell, Russell Newman, Kristoffer Greaves

The Leaving of Liverpool

Christine Tremarco and Kevin Jones Premiere: July 8 and 9, 1992 (ABC)
Executive Producers: Penny Chapman, Michael Wearing
Producers: Steve Knapman
Director: Michael Jenkins
Screenplay by: John Alsop, Sue Smith

The Leaving of Liverpool is a two part mini-series about the migrant/orphan program conducted during the 1950's. Under this scheme orphans from post-war England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales were sent to Australian and Canada. The show follows the path of three of these children Bert, Lilli and Wilson. We witness an account of orphan life in both England and Australia. (2 x 100min)

Cast: Kevin Jones, Christine Tremarco, Bill Hunter, Martin Jacobs, Frank Whitten, David Kaff, John Hargreaves, Frances Barber, Kerry Walker, Frankie J. Holden, Colin Moody

Street Angels

Year: 1992
Executive Producer: Jill Robb
Producer: Kim Dalton
Director: Kathy Mueller
Writer: Alison Nisselle

Two social workers reach breaking point with the heartless welfare system which treats destitute children as criminals. Reaching out to these children means entering into the world of drain kids, pinball parlour pimps, graffiti gangs, the 14-year-old dealers and their 12-year-old customers. It's an exhausting and sometimes dangerous occupation but they care about the kids with a passion and the successes make it all worthwhile. (90 min)

Cast: Peter Brady, David Franklin, Gary Day, Alexander Sangster, George Zach, Jonathan Kennett, Tom Hutchings, Linda Perugini

The Time Game

Year: 1992
Produced by Robert Bruning Productions Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Robert Bruning, Tom Donald
Producers: Robert Bruning, Adrienne Read
Director: Alister Smart
Writer: Stephen Measday

Relegated to his grandparents' country home for the school vacation, Tony discovers his grandfather's secret laboratory and has a holiday he never expected.

Cast: Gabriel Andrews, Simon Chilvers, Sally Warwick, Pat Bishop