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Halifax fp: Takes Two

Year: 2002
Produced by Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier Productions Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Kris Noble, Mikael Borglund
Producers: Roger Simpson, Steve Jodrell, Roger Le Mesurier
Director: Ken Cameron
Writer: Katherine Thompson

Jane Halifax is asked by the court to evaluate the state of mind of a woman in her early 30s, who has been charged with throwing acid on an expensive car. Apparently the woman had no association to the owner of the car and her motive remains a mystery.

Cast: Rebecca Gibney, Mary Docker, Sacha Horler, David Roberts


Produced: 2002
Australia: Sunday, December 10, 2005 (Ten)
Produced by Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier Productions Pty Limited
Executive Producers: Sue Masters, Mikael Borglund
Producers: Roger Le Mesurier, Andrew Walker, Roger Simpson
Director: David Cameron
Writer: Roger Simpson

Michael Cardamone is a defense attorney who never wanted anything to do with the criminal side of his own family—until his cousin was framed for murder. Now, at the urging of his law partner, Shelly, Michael will take on one of the most difficult cases of his career. But can he make a difference, especially when events begin to spin out of control? Shelly wants to bring in a former law teacher to help, but the man's a manic-depressive whose genius borders on lunacy. (100min)

Starring: Vince Colosimo, Susan Lyons, Nicholas Bell, Nadia Townsend, Genevieve O'Reilly

Seconds To Spare

Year: 2002
Produced by Nine Films and Television Pty Ltd, Carlton America
Executive Producers: Kris Noble, Steve Davis
Producer: Matt Carroll
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Writer: Brian Trenchard-Smith

A group of eco tourists hijack a train - only one man can stop them creating a disaster of massive proportion on Sydney.

Cast: Antonio Sabato Jr, Kate Beahan, Jerome Ehlers, Kimberly Davies

Secret Bridesmaids' Business

Frith, Dallimore, Horler

Australia: June 09, 2002 (ABC)
Canada: January 24, 2004 (W)
Producer: Lynda House
Director: Lynn-Maree Danzey
Writer: Elizabeth Coleman

It's Meg's wedding and in the final hours before she ties the knot, the girls are determined to kick up their heels. Unfortunately, not quite everything goes to plan. A last minute scandal threatens to ruin the whole event, not to mention Meg's life. Marriage may be a wonderful thing, but after a night like this, could it really be worth it?

Starring: Helen Dallimore, Vince Colosimo, Val Lehman, Rebecca Frith, Sacha Horler, Alice McConnell, Deidre Rubenstein, Justin Batchelor, Amy Lockwood


Colin Friels

Year: 2002
Aired: Australia: August 31, 2003 (Ten)
Canada: September 09, 2003 (W)
Produced by Chapman Pictures Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Sue Masters
Producer: Penny Chapman
Director: Tony Tilse
Writer: Sue Smith

A television drama about cooking, love and passion. It is about people who cook for a living, the culinary creations they are capable of and their relationships with the people and food they love. Temptation takes us into a world of two restaurants and the people who work in them. It's a Montague and Capulet tale of two warring dynasties whose divide is breached by clandestine love and, grudgingly, mutual admiration. Served as a pilot for the series The Cooks

Starring: Colin Friels, Rhondda Findleton, Kate Atkinson, Toby Schmitz, Nicholas Brown, Emma Lung

White Collar Blue

Monday, August 12, 2002 (Ten)
Executive Producer: Sue Masters
Producers: Steve Knapman, Kris Wyld
Director: Ken Cameron
Writer: Kris Wyld

A new detective is attached to a Major Crime Squad in a tough southern district of Sydney. This creates tension within the squad, particularly when the Squad is called out to a homicide and the prime suspect appears to be the new detective. (120 min followed by two series)

Starring: Peter O'Brien, Brooke Satchwell, Freya Stafford, Richard Carter and Don Hany