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Bombshell [NZ]

Produced by Screentime New Zealand
Executive Producer: Philly de Lacey
Producers: Bridget Bourke, Riccardo Pellizzeri
Writer: John Banas
Director: Ric Pellizzeri
Network: TV One

Bombshell takes us back to 1985, when the French government authorised their secret service to bomb the Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior, to stop its protests against French nuclear testing in the Pacific. The bombing sunk the ship and killed photographer Fernando Pereira, launching the largest police operation in New Zealand history, and creating a diplomatic stand-off between two allies. A compelling drama that cleverly interweaves archived footage, Bombshell combines the Rainbow Warrior's inspiring journey with that of the French spies and the dedicated police officers who worked to bring the truth behind the sinking to light.

Cast: Mark Mitchinson, Mia Pistorius, Nathalie Boltt, Colin Moy, Jay Simon, Ande Cunningham, Nathan Lovejoy, Greta Gregory, Byron Coll, Justin Lowcay, Coen Falke


Sun, October 09 & 10, 2016 (Ten)
Produced by Endemol Shine Australia
Producer: Kerrie Mainwaring
Executive Producer: Rory Callaghan
Writers: Justin Monjo, Adam Todd
Director: Geoff Bennett
Network: Ten

This is the true story of a man who was a hero to a generation of Australians, winning the Bathurst 1000 nine times and dominating motorsport for more than two decades. Loved and admired by many, but few knew the real Peter Brock -- what made him tick?

Cast: Matthew Le Nevez, Ella Scott Lynch, Brendan Cowell, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Steve Bisley

Jean [NZ]

Sunday, October 23, 2016 (TVNZ 1)
Produced by Lippy Pictures
Producers: Paula Boock and Donna Malane
Writers: Paula Boock, Donna Malane
Director: Robert Sarkies
Network: TV One

In the 1930s, New Zealand's Jean Batten stood alongside Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson as one of the most glamorous aviatrixes in the world. Her record-breaking solo flights across the world were legendary. Her courage was extraordinary. Her navigational ability was extraordinary. Her instinct was extraordinary. Despite the increasing risks and the loss of so many of her fellow fliers, Batten kept going, and she kept succeeding. New Zealand could not be more proud of their Hine-o-te Rangi (Daughter of the Skies). Yet the perfectly cultivated public persona hid some personal demons, hinted at by her sudden disappearances and periods of reclusion. The true story of Jean Batten is of a daughter determined to live up to a powerful mother, desperate to leave a mark on the world — and prepared to go to the ends of the earth to do so.

Cast: Kate Elliott, Miranda Harcourt, Michael Whalley, Thomasin McKenzie, Colin Moy, et al


Sun, Feb 07 & 14, 2016 (Seven)
Pt1: 1.793 million viewers (1st)
Pt2: 1.526 million viewers (2nd)
Produced by M4 Entertainment
Executive Producers: Michael Gudinski, Mark Morrissey
Producer: John Molloy
Director: Kevin Carlin
Writers: Matt Cameron, Liz Doran
Network: Seven

This two part mini-series chronicles the rise of Molly Meldrum: the music, the celebrities, the parties, the international trips, the behind-the-scene politics, his partners in crime and most of all, the story of Molly himself - a bloke who changed Australian culture forever. From humble beginnings in Quambatook, Ian 'Molly' Meldrum rose to become the most influential and powerful name in Australian music. Through the phenomenon that became a cultural touchstone, Countdown, Molly's passion for music and life quickly found him a place in the heart of an entire nation.

Cast: Samuel Johnson, Tom O'Sullivan, TJ Power, Krew Boylan, Aaron Glenane, Rebecca Breeds, Connor Crawford

Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows

Produced by Matchbox Productions
Producer: Beth Frey
Executive Producers: Tony Ayres, Michael McMahon
Writers: Tony Ayres, Rhys Graham, Craig Irvin
Network: ABC

As a devastating magical being threatens to destroy the multiverse, the Nowhere Boys discover that to save everything and everyone that they love, they must make the ultimate sacrifice... themselves.

Cast: Dougie Baldwin, Joel Lok, Rahart Adams, Matt Testro