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Year: 1980
Produced by Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Producer: Jill Robb
Writer: Barry Oakley
Director: Julian Pringle

When Paul Cummins discovers his wife has taken Bill, his best friend, as a lover, he confronts Bill in an attempt to restore his battered dignity. A three-handed tussle ensues, when motives and egos are bounced off each other and revelations abound. The age-old triangle, as comic as ever, leaves some more profound afterthoughts.

Cast: Robin Ramsay, Carol Burns, John Waters

The Last Outlaw

Year: 1980
Directors: Kevin James Dobson, George Miller
Writers: Bronwyn Binns, Ian Jones

Logie Award winning four part mini-series that screened on the Seven Network in 1980. This is the true story of Ned Kelly — The Last Outlaw.

Cast: John Jarrott, Gerard Kennedy, Steve Bisley, Sigrid Thornton.

Locusts and Wild Honey

April 13, 1980
Executive Producer: Oscar Whitbread
Writer: Everett De Roche
Director: Douglas Sharp

Sarah and Jane Norris star alongside their real-life mother Julia Blake as two girls who go missing in what is suspected to be an alien abduction.

Cast: Jane Norris, Sarah Norris, Julia Blake, Beverley Blankenship, Frank Gallacher, Tim Robertson, Gerard Kennedy

Mystery Island

April 13, 1980
Produced by Andromeda Productions
Producer: Gene W. Scott
Screenplay: Geoff Beak
Story: Cliff Green
Director: Gene W. Scott

When their boat runs out of gasoline, four children land on what they believe to be a deserted island. They discover an old pirate who lives there, and come upon a cache of phony money that belongs to a ring of counterfeiters, who are coming back to the island for it.

Cast: Jayson Duncan, Niklas Juhlin, Michael McGlinchey, Melissa Woodhams, Bill Charlton, Ray Marshall, Ray Meagher, Allan Penney, Tom Richards

The Nargun and the Stars

Aired: September 15, 1980 (ABC)
Producer: Lynnette Bayonas
Writer: Margaret Kelly

When his parents are killed in car accident, orphaned city boy Simon Brent is packed off to the country to live with his mother's second cousins. In a remote valley on the property he discovers a variety of ancient Dreamtime creatures. Based and the children's novel by Patricia Wrightson (6 x 30min)

Cast: Rodney Bell as Simon, Melissa Jaffer as Edie, Peter Gwynne as Charlie, Noel Brophy, Marianne Howard, Noel Trevarthen

Players in the Gallery

March 23 - April 06, 1980 (ABC)
Written by Roger Simpson
Directed by Brian Bell

A lawyer and an actress fight a bitter custody battle over their child after their divorce. (3 x 60min)

Cast: Peter Sumner, Kate Fitzpatrick, Richard Moir, Tracy Mann, Elizabeth Kirby, John Gaden, Phillip Hinton, Anna Volska, Tony Bonner, Sigrid Thornton

A Town Like Alice

Year: 1980
Written by Tom Hegarty, Rosemary Anne Sisson and Nevil Shute (novel)
Directed by David Stevens

The winner of many international film awards, this miniseries stars Bryan Brown and Helen Morse as lovers separated in Malaya during World War II. Years later they are reunited in the Outback of Australia and build a life together, facing the challenges and traumas of day to day living. Based on the novel by Nevil Shute.

Cast: Bryan Brown, Helen Morse, Gordon Jackson, Dorothy Alison, Yuki Shimoda, Anna Volska, Donald MacDonald, Pat Evison

Water Under The Bridge

Year: 1980
Producer: John McRae
Written by Sumner Locke Elliott, Michael Jenkins, Eleanor Witcombe
Directed by Igor Auzins

Based on the novel by Sumner Locke Eliot, Water Under the Bridge presents a romantic drama of life and love between the two world wars, framed by the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Aspiring actor Neil Atkins is thwarted by the three loves of his life: his feisty ex-showgirl guardian Shasta, with whom he shares a love neither of them can ever express; Maggie McGhee, pragmatic journalist, whose capacity for devotion offers more than he can cope with; and Carrie Mazzini, indulgent heiress, whose tainted life cripples her capacity to return Neil's adoration.

Cast: David Cameron, Robyn Nevin, Jacki Weaver, Judy Davis, Penelope Shelton, Jan Hamilton, Linden Wilkinson, John Howard, Rod Mullinar, Anne Scott-Pendlebury, Chris Milne, Rowena Wallace, Ralph Cotterill