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Children of the Dragon

Year: 1991
Executive Producers: Penny Chapman, Scott Meek, Kim Williams
Producer: John Edwards
Director: Peter Smith
Writer: Robert Caswell

This epic story of a man's search to vindicate the most important decision of his life, is set against the tumultuous events in China that led to the tragedy of the massacre in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. Children Of The Dragon is a story in which the everyday aspirations of ordinary and extraordinary people mesh with, and at times stumble into, the great sweep of history. (4 x 50 mins)

Cast: Bob Peck, Lily Chen, Linda Cropper, Dennis Chan, Gary Sweet, Cindy Pan

Golden Fiddles


Year: 1991
An Australia/Canada co-production
Produced by South Australian Film Corporation
Executive Producers: Wendy Wacko, Stanley Walsh
Producers: Jock Blair, Wendy Wacko, Stanley Walsh
Director: Claude Fournier
Writer: Sheila Sibley

Walter and Anne Balfour's small South Australian farm yields barely enough to feed them and their four children. With little money to speak of and the bank hounding them for monthly mortgage payments, life is anything but blissful. Forced to sell a beloved pony to make ends meet and yearning to provide a better life for his family, Walter is a broken man. But when Anne receives a letter informing her that her recently deceased uncle has bequeathed a sum of over 400,000 pounds, the Belfour's face a dramatic change in both lifestyle and location. Optimism reigns, with plans to uproot the family and leave their small farm for the bustling city of Adelaide. The Belfour's begin an exciting journey, where their good fortune and new-found wealth will challenge and change each and every one of them in ways they never quite imagined. Adapted from the 1928 novel by Mary Grant Bruce. (2 x 120min)

Cast: Justine Clarke, Cameron Daddo, John Bach, Kate Nelligan, Pippa Grandison, Rachel Friend, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Hamish Fletcher, David Reyne

Good Vibrations

Year: 1991
Produced by Lynn Bayonas Productions
Executive Producer: Des Monaghan, Kim Williams
Producers: Rod Allan, Lynn Bayonas
Director: Graham Thorburn
Writers: David Phillips, Lynn Bayonas, Morris Gleitzman

A youthful mini-series about two families who move together to the country, little realising what the future holds in store - hostile townfolk, a crooked development deal - and something totally unexpected. (2 x 90min)

Cast: Stephen Whittaker, Genevieve Picot, Felicity Soper, Alan Hopgood, Sascha Close, Grant Dodwell

The Other of Paradise

Year: 1991
Produced by Central Films, Grundy Television Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Don Reynolds, Ian Bradley, Ted Childs
Producer: Stanley Walsh
Director: Renny Rye
Writer: Denise Morgan

An epic romance set in the Cook Islands during World War II. Based on the novel by Noel Barber.

Cast: Josephine Byrnes, Jason Connery, Richard Wilson, Hywel Bennett, Garry MacDonald, Judy Morris, Vivien Tan

The River Kings


Year: 1991
Producer/Writer: Rob George
Director: Donald Crombie

Life on the Hofner farm has become intolerable - with an absent father and the imminent threat of drought, sixteen year old Shawn is forced to leave home and provide for his family. Chasing a childhood dream, he takes a job on the steamboats that ply the river for trade. The unglamorous reality of this nomadic way of life provides a rude awakening for the naive country boy, and Shawn must draw on all his strength and resourcefulness in order to survive.

During the course of his adventures he will witness tragedy and disaster, suffer betrayal and despair, discover loyalty and romance - a combination of experiences that will transform the boy into a man. The River Kings tells a gritty human story that will appeal to all ages - whilst the characters and settings are unique, the themes they portray are universal. (4 x 60 min)

Cast: Bill Kerr, Tamblyn Lord, Edward Hepple, Willie Fennell, Cecil Parkee, David Bradshaw

Six Pack

Year: 1991
Produced by Generation Films Pty Ltd
Producers: Bob Weis
Directors: Karin Altmann, Sue Brooks, Di Drew, Rodney Fisher, Kay Pavlou, Megan Simpson Huberman
Writers: Christopher Lee, Ron Elisha, Tony Ayres, Andrew Bovell, Tony Maniaty, Joanna Murray-Smith

Individual teleplays: Three women meet for lunch at Piccolo Mondo. On the menu: marriage, infidelity, friendship and betrayal... Who is the 20-year-old who has moved into Drew's family on the day of his father's funeral?... A drama about Oedipus gone wrong...The patient with the appointment before her at the analyst becomes the object of Mimi's obsession... From childhood Chaim has been attending funeral services, moving closer each time to the front of the chapel... It's 1952. Michael's proxy bride arrives from Greece and things will never be the same...

Cast: Peta Toppano, Denise Scott, Victoria Longley; John Bluthal, Lloyd Morris, Nancy Hayesa; Lenita Vengalis, Arianthe Galani; Simon Burke, Steve Bastoni, Susan Lyons; Angie Milliken, Josephine Mitchell

Tracks of Glory


Year: 1991
Executive producer: Paul Barron
Producers: Damien Parer, Paul Barron
Director: Marcus Cole
Writers: Tony Morphett

The year is 1903, and two men are using their talents to win themselves a place in the sun. Don Walker an Australian champion cyclist, and Major Taylor who is a dedicated professional and the first black American athlete to smash his way through the colour bar. This is their story of hopes, dreams and ideals. Thay have everything to lose... and everything to win. Based on the book by Jim Fitzpatrick.

Cast: Phil Morris, Cameron Daddo, Richard Roxburgh, Nicholas Eadie, Justine Clarke, Joan Sydney, Brett Climo, Scott Burgess, John Ewart, Janet MacLachlan, Robert Vaughn, Renee Jones

Which Way Home

Year: 1991
Produced by Turner Network Television / McElroy and McElroy / Southern Star in association with Television New Zealand
Producer: Hal McElroy
Writer: Michael Lawrence
Director: Carl Schultz

Which Way Home is the story of Karen Parsons a dedicated nurse who attempts to rescue seven young orphans from the political turmoil of South East Asia. Karen volunteers for duty in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, because it presents a challenge in her life at a time when she desperately needs a change. In three years, she becomes caught up in the politics of the region and emotionally involved with the plight of its people. (2 x 90min)

Cast: Cybill Shepherd, John Waters, Peta Toppano, Marc Gray, John Ewart, Kiet Lam, Mark Ngo, Anna Ngo, Alina Kwan, Adrian Kwan