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Sun, April 22, 2112 (Nine)
Produced by Southern Star John Edwards
Producers: John Edwards, Jane Liscombe
Director: Glendyn Ivin
Writers: Judi McCrossin

Beaconsfield tells the story of how Matthew Gill and Pat Ball and their rescue teams rescued Todd Russell and Brant Webb. It is the story of the women they left behind, and how they sustained themselves, but, most of all it is the story of two men who had nothing in common, trapped together for 15 days in a dark wet space so small they could neither fully sit up nor fully lie down. Two men who kept their heads together, and their hopes alive, for 15 days and nights.

Starring: Shane Jacobson, Lachy Hulme, Sasha Horler, Michala Banas, Steve Vizard

Blood Brothers

Sun, May 08, 2011 (Nine)
803,000 viewers (9th)
Produced by Playmaker Media
Producers: David Taylor, David Maher
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Writer: Victoria Madden

Jeffrey Gilham had a perfect life. He lived on a river in the heart of Sydney's affluent Shire district. He was handsome, educated, a champion athlete, and a model son from a perfect family. So why, on a freezing morning in 1993 did this model son butcher his parents and brother? Or did he? The gripping story of the Gilham family murders, one of Australias most sensational crimes, and the fourteen year battle by relatives and prosecutors to bring their killer to justice.

Starring: Lisa McCune, Tony Martin, Michael Dorman, Jodie Gordon, Frankie J. Holden, Sarah Snook, Jonny Pasvolsky

The Great Mint Swindle

Sun, March 11, 2012 (Nine)
Produced by Cordell Jigsaw and Zinc Finger Films
Executive Producers: Nick Murray, Jo Rooney, Andy Ryan
Producers: Paul Bennett, Michael Cordell, Russell Vines
Director: Geoff Bennett
Writers: Reg Cribb, Paul Bennett

It's the beginning of the 1980s boom in Western Australia. Larrikin brothers Ray, Brian and Peter Mickelberg spend their days abalone fishing, flying planes, looking for adventure and developing new ways of making money. Their most bizarre venture? Selling a huge fake gold nugget "The Yellow Rose of Texas" to tycoon Alan Bond. An extraordinary tale about the most famous gold heist in Australia's history — a major crime that remains unsolved to this day.

Starring: Grant Bowler, Todd Lasance, Josh Quong Tart, John Batchelor, Shane Bourne Maya Stange, Caroline McKenzie, Abby Earl, Talei Howell-Price, Phil Bennett, Adam Booth, Troy Coward, Jenny Davis, Rhoda Lopez, Andrew Hale, Les Hill, Michael Muntz, Michael Loney, Stuart Halusz

Trailer (YouTube)

Note: this story was first told in the 1984 telemovie The Great Gold Swindle

Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo

April 17 & 18, 2011 (ABC)
Ratings (1): 1.207 million viewers
Ratings (2): 1.344 million viewers
Producers: John Edwards, Imogen Banks
Director: Emma Freeman
Writer: Christopher Lee

In early 1972, 30-year-old journalist and editor, Ita Buttrose and 35-year-old Kerry Packer, heir to what was then Australia's most ruthlessly powerful and influential publishing family, got together to create a magazine that became one of the most dramatic sensations in Australian publishing history. CLEO went on to help define women, Australia and the relationship between the two. Research and marketing analysis showed the project would be a failure and the magazine was vehemently opposed by the powerful head of the Packer clan, the domineering Sir Frank Packer (known to his employees as 'God'), yet Ita and Kerry, knowing the consequences of failure would be dire, decided to back their gut instincts anyway. With courage and a stubborn belief in each other the odd couple went for it, and the result was a magazine that not only surfed the emerging 70s zeitgeist, but led the way in articulating for women a new way of thinking about themselves and their place in cultural Australia. Women readers found in CLEO a manifesto for a new confidence and an argument against the entrenched patriarchy that had for too long defined the relationship between the sexes. Filled with intelligence, wit and a 'go for it' attitude, the fledgling CLEO took off on its first issue, taking Kerry, Ita, and a hand-picked bunch of iconoclastic staffers along for the ride. CLEO was a women's magazine with a libido and a curiosity about almost everything...

With CLEO magazine a hit, Ita faces the challenge of maintaining its fresh and challenging perspective issue after issue. With his father ill and bears circling to take hold of the Packer empire, Kerry must take a leap of faith to secure his bid for the crown. Part two concludes with ultimate triumph for Ita, Kerry and Ita's select band of young women staffers who combined to create the cutting edge magazine sensation that was the 70s CLEO magazine. With his father dead and his grip on the family empire firmly established Kerry selects Ita for greater things. Set against the backdrop of the dramatic downfall of the Whitlam government, part two of Paper Giants: The Birth Of Cleo sees Ita and Kerry fulfilling their destinies. After Whitlam and CLEO, Australia is now a different place.

Starring: Asher Keddie, Rob Carlton, Tony Barry, Matt Day, Jessica Tovey, Ian Meadows, Maeve Dermody, Annie Maynard, Cheree Cassidy, Octavia Barron-Martin, Olivia Pigeot.