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Year: June 1982
Producer: Ray Alchin
Writer: Peter Yeldham
Directors: Di Drew, Chris Thomson

1915 takes us inside a bustling rural community and captures the dreams and heartaches of two young men as they grow up and ultimately embark on the greatest and worst adventure of their lives.

Billy MacKenzie and Walter Gilchrist are two best mates who forge their friendship fighting over girls, horses and family. But the biggest test of their metal is about to reveal itself as news filters through of a major conflict unfolding on the other side of the world.

Caught up in the enthusiasm to defend mother England, Billy and Walter set off to discover the adventure, the glory and the horror of the "war to end all wars". Based on the novel by Roger McDonald. (7x 55 min)

Cast: Scott McGregor as Walter, Scott Burgess as Billy, Sigrid Thornton as Frances, Andrew McFarlane as Robert Gillen, Jackie Woodburn as Diana, Ilona Rodgers as Mrs Reilly, Damon Sanders as Harry Crowell, Adrian Wright as Oliver Melrose, Rich Herbert as Pig Nolan

For the Term of His Natural Life

Year: 1982
A Payne/Schiller Production
Executive Producer: Wilton Schiller
Producer: Patricia Payne
Writers: Patricia Payne and Wilton Schiller
Director: Rob Stewart

When the secret of his true parentage is revealed, young aristocrat Richard Devine (Colin Friels) is disinherited and driven from his home in England. Assuming the name "Rufus Dawes," he is falsely accused of murder and banished to an unforgiving Australian prison for a life sentence. Gradually, he evolves into a tough, self-sufficient convict, unafraid to attempt the most daring escapes or brutal clashes with fellow prisoners and his jailers-including the cruel Lt. Maurice Frere (Rod Mullinar) or the troubled Reverend North (Anthony Perkins). "Dawes'" last hope for vindication is his passion for Sylvia (Penelope Steward), daughter of prison Commandment, Major Vickers (Patrick Macnee). That hope is put to the ultimate challenge by her own dark secrets. Harsh and unflinching in its indictment of prisons, For the Term of His Natural Life is also an unforgettable testament to this power of the human mind and heart. Based on the novel by Marcus Clarke.

Starring: Colin Friels, Anthony Perkins, Patrick Macnee, Samantha Eggar, Diane Cilento, Rod Mullinar, Robert Coleby, Susan Lyons, Penelope Stewart

With: Anna Jemison, Selwyn Crockett, John Dick, Jon Nicholls, Barry Lovett, Wendy Strehlow, Patrick Forst, Johnathan Leigh, Peter Goerecke, Hedley Cullen, Drummond Jewitt, Warwick Cooper

Island Trader

Year: 1982
Produced by Grundy Television Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Michelle Nell, Ian Holmes
Producer: Roger Mirams
Writer: Ron McLean
Director: Howard Rubie

A children's action adventure set in the South Pacific islands. The Island Trader is an old steam-driven tug that becomes the centre of a hunt for lost treasure after a plane, carrying gold bullion, comes down on Shark Island.

Cast: John Ewart, Eric Oldfield, Ruth Cracknell, Sancho Gracia, Heleen Rebel

Under Capricorn

Year: 1982
Produced by South Australian Film Corporation for the Nine Network Australia
Writer: Tony Morphett
Director: Rod Hardy

A powerful story of enduring but frustrated love and terrible secrets. Set in colonial New South Wales, the story follows a devil-may-care Irishman who sets out to help a beautiful aristocrat lady back from the depths of alcoholism. Encouraged by the lady's husband, his efforts are hindered at every turn by her housekeeper, a domineering and pious woman, who would prefer her mistress dead. A story of unspoken passion and jealousy erupting into a life and death struggle. (4 x 1hr)

Cast: Lisa Harrow, John Hallam, Peter Cousens, Julia Blake, Cathrine Lynch, Jim Holt