A Chapman Pictures Production

Producer: Penny Chapman
Co-Producer: Helen Panckhurst
Directors: David Caesar, Catriona McKenzie
Writers: John Alsop, Sue Smith and Alice Addison

Aired: Janaury 2006 (SBS)

Helen Tremaine returns to a remote island in Australia's far north Torres Strait where she had previously worked as the Remote Area Nurse (aka RAN). Helen has a talent for breaking rules and taking on the bureaucracy. That, along with local politics, love affairs and a savage outbreak of Dengue Fever, RAN draws you into the world of a woman who yearns to belong, and a community who love her but want her gone.

Filmed entirely on location on Masig Island in the Torres Strait, Queensland, Australia.
Susie PorterHelen Tremaine
Charles PassiRuss Gaibui
Billy MitchellRobbo

Luke CarrollPaul Gaibui
Margaret HarveyNancy Gaibui
Louisa TaylorMyrtle
Fred KebisueAmos
Dan MosbyMr Ted
Elsie PassiMrs Ted
Nora BagiriLucy
Gail MaboJudy
John BrumptonGeorge
Santa Marina RodgersMrs. Augustus
Moses KaddyDoug Augustus
Fred KebisueAmos
Savanna TaylorFaith Gaibui
Nazir ManaiGrace Gaibui
Melora MosbyRhianna Gaibui
Tarnee FauidEsther Gaibui
Aaron Fa'aosoEddie Gaibui
Gabriel InguiTuuks

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