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Episode 14

Australia: Monday, October 31, 2005
New Zealand: Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Written by Sarah Lambert
Directed by Emma Freeman

Michael is moonlighting once again at the local radio station. Jess, who he has loved since he was seven, is getting married and he has never told a soul about his feelings for her. Hiding behind his microphone and his "Love Roo" identity, Michael asks everyone in the Alice to share their secrets.

Helen has long been harbouring a secret desire to somebody's inspiration. When Jack fails to appreciate her latest creative efforts and cancels Singles Night, Helen is offended and advises him she will be pursuing "outside interests". In the street she sees a stack of flyers asking, "Are you the Muse of Alice?" Helen thinks not, but the flyers get caught in a gust of wind and follow her down the street. Could this be a sign?

Matt has a secret too. He is hiding some motorbike leathers he ordered by mail, unsure if they're sexy, or just embarrassing, and Ellie is dying to know what's going on.

But it is Jess who is sitting on the biggest secret of all. Out on a bike ride with Darren, she tries to confess her tryst with Toby, but somehow finds herself setting the date for the wedding instead. One month from now - why wait? Meanwhile Toby reads a story of heartbreak and longing that was sent to Michael at the radio station and realises he can't give up on Jess, he has to make a grand romantic gesture to rival Darren's marriage proposal.

Helen, having finally worked up the courage to call about the ad, has been practising her "Mona Lisa smile", a peculiar vacant expression which she thinks lends her an air of mystery. However, she reveals so little in her interview that the artist finds her boring and tells her it's not going to work out. Fortunately the artist discovers she has an invisible friend and is intrigued.

Jack is concerned he knows nothing about his future son-in-law and has been spending time with Darren, but they're just not clicking. Jack's solution is a spot of male bonding in the form of a ceremonial fire walk. Later as they cool their burnt feet in a pond they agree to never tell Jess about their foolishness. The bonding has been a success.

Meanwhile Jess drives out to the abandoned drive-in to meet Toby. When he presents her with tickets around the world and asks to run away with him she is torn but turns him down. She leaves the devastated Toby to meet Michael, who has invited her to drinks with the intention of also revealing his true feelings. As Jess breaks down in his arms he swallows his confession, realising his timing couldn't be worse.

Helen returns to the Baa Bar to discover Jack has been promoting singles night in her absence and the night is a hit. The next day she arrives for her first modelling session and disrobes shakily. As the artist starts sketching excitedly she realises she's done it — she is the Muse of Alice.

Guest Cast:

  • Kyas Sherriff as Natalie Anderson
  • Kick Gurry as Darren
  • Evelyn Rankmore as Receptionist
  • Jacob Allan as Rob
  • Hayley Law as Ann
  • Emma Buzzo as Sam
  • Archie Woodhouse as Ben
  • Albie Woodhouse as Toddler
  • Drayton Morley as Mikal
  • Kellie Bright as Lynette
  • Rustle as Rusty the Dog


  • "Every Sunday" performed by Olivia Eden
  • "Goodbye My Friend" performed by Olivia Eden
  • "Showtime" performed by Days Like Stars
  • "On My Own" performed by Days Like Stars
  • "Dry River Bed" performed by The Pigram Brothers
  • "Yah, Yah, Yah" performed by The Shellacs
  • "Bo Bo RRawa" performed by Letter Stick Band [uncredited]