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Episode 13

Australia: Monday, October 24, 2005 (10.30pm)
New Zealand: Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Emma Freeman

Jess' answer to Darren's marriage proposal is to flee town with Natalie to the aboriginal community of Jay Creek on the pretence of delivering medical supplies. The real agenda, however, is to dye the women's hair and work out what the hell decision she is going to make regarding Darren.

Back in town, Toby is blissfully unaware of Darren's proposal. However, he and Michael have more pressing matters at hand: a delinquent thirteen-year-old boy is on work experience with them as a favour to Hugh's boss, Superintendent Milroy.

Meanwhile, Helen is hiding in her caravan playing draughts with Patrick, humiliated by her miscalculated dinner seduction. Jack suggests putting the awkwardness behind them by spending the 'perfect day' together — they can do whatever she wants. This proves most enjoyable, and as Helen imagines a passionate kiss between them it seems romance might be on the cards after all.

Romance is on the cards for Matt too — he's in love with a vintage Triumph motorbike he found advertised in the classifieds. Unfortunately, it turns out the woman selling it is out to punish her boyfriend, a vicious pygmy of a man who is furious when he discovers that Matt has ridden 'Dudley'. Matt ends up with a nasty bruise and minus his two grand. Ellie encourages him to report the matter to the police, but when Hugh steps in and offers to retrieve his money Matt tells him not to bother. Hugh nevertheless does the right thing, and Ellie and Matt are grateful.

Unable to bear the suspense, Darren finally follows Jess out to the community and lays his heart on the line. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by a plea for help from Toby — the work experience kid has stolen the 4-wheel drive and they need a lift back into town. The stolen vehicle is retrieved and Hugh has the satisfaction of telling his arrogant boss where to get off.

Toby, who is by now convinced this is the time to declare his feelings to Jess, heads off to the Baa Bar to meet her. He arrives to discover Darren on bended knee in front of everyone, and watches aghast as Jess says 'yes'. Did he miss something? He retreats, devastated, as Hugh and Ellie watch helplessly.

Helen's bubble bursts too as Jack ponders the worrying possibility that one day he might be a grandfather. He reveals his true feelings about marriage and mating for life — it either ends in misery or death. Helen retires to her room; perhaps she and Jack are not meant to be after all.

Guest Cast:

  • Kyas Sherriff as Natalie Anderson
  • Kick Gurry as Darren
  • Christine Anu as Valerie
  • Simon Westaway as Senior Sgt Milroy
  • Steve Bowers as Rolf
  • Ethelanne Gundy as Rosalie
  • Kelly Butler as Gene
  • Raymond Mirams as Ashley
  • Naomi Gasser as Miranda
  • Tracy Hardwick as Catherine
  • Michael Denkha as The Boyfriend
  • Rustle as Rusty the Dog


  • "Rescue" performed by Days Like Stars