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Episode 5

Australia: Monday, August 15, 2005
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Ian Watson

Distracted by skydivers while cycling, Helen and Patrick ride into a hole in the road outside the Baa Bar. Helen, shaken but uninjured, is upset to discover her wedding ring is missing and concludes it must be in the hole. Patrick thinks it's time she let it go — it's the last symbol of her bad relationship with her husband — but Helen isn't ready.

Meanwhile, things come crashing down for Hugh just as he was thinking he and Ellie might have a future. It is their wedding anniversary and Hugh visits with flowers and chocolates, having rehearsed a little speech outside in the car. As he approaches her workshop he hears a man's laughter and is shocked to see his wife and young Matt Marione — his housemate — in an embrace. Distraught, he beats a hasty retreat.

Next morning Hugh takes Matt captive, throws him in the back of the police van and drives him out into the desert. Matt manages to call Ellie on his mobile and she comes to his rescue in Toby's 4WD, a horrified Toby in tow. They arrive to find Matt handcuffed and Hugh on the edge of doing something extreme but he eventually breaks down and lets Matt go.

Meanwhile, Jess is spending hours at home putting together a collection of artefacts and photos to chronicle her mum's life. She won't let Jack in but confides to Michael that she fears she too will lose her memory one day.

Although they feel bad about the way Hugh found out, Matt and Ellie resolve to stop feeling guilty and allow their relationship to flourish. However, Ellie finds herself drawing away when Matt takes her hand in the street — it seems she's not yet ready to go public.

When Jess comes into the Baa Bar, Jack takes the opportunity to reassure her that everyone on his side of the family lives to a ripe old age with all their marbles intact. Jess realises she can take her life off hold and she and Jack have a moment of connection.

Later, Jess is astonished when a chicken walks into her house — her mum always said if she could be reincarnated she'd like to come back as a hen.

Jack doesn't find Helen's ring but he does unearth the skeletal remains and a few personal effects of a Chinese coolie who died looking for gold. In the meantime, Helen has accepted the ring is gone, but then it turns up under the bed and she doesn't have the courage to get rid of it.

Jess offers to take Helen skydiving and to Patrick's horror she accepts. As she leaps from the plane her ring comes loose and falls into the hole outside the Baa Bar. The nameless Chinese coolie and Helen's ring are put to rest together.

Guest Cast:

  • Janneke Arent as Heidi
  • Anthony Wong as Peter Wang
  • Bredd Buckley as Patrick Stunt Double
  • Min Windle as Helen Stunt Double


  • "Bo Bo RRawa" performed by Letter Stick Band
  • "Smile" performed by Olivia Eden
  • "Over The Ocean" performed by Olivia Eden
  • "Rescue" performed by Days Like Stars