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Episode 2

Australia: Sunday, July 31, 2005
New Zealand: Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Written by Sarah Smith
Directed by Cherlie Nowlan

The imminent return of a decaying satellite changes Helen's life in a most unexpected way. Despite her attraction to Jack, and Patrick's protestations, Helen intends to head back to the city. However, her first attempt is thwarted when she leaves a piece of luggage behind and misses the only plane out that day.

Jack determines he has 24 hours to change her mind and takes her on a guided tour of The Alice. Helen enjoys his company during their visit to the junkyard to buy a broken air conditioner, but she's still determined to leave.

Meanwhile Michael is on the run from his Auntie Sonia (the lawyer who defended Helen). It seems Michael used his cousin's name to get out of a littering fine when he was visiting the city and Sonia wants him to own up and pay up. Michael's pretty worried — Sonia's like the hitman of the family, but he's hoping he can steer clear of her until she leaves.

Matt is put in an awkward position when he arrives home from a tryst with Ellie to discover Hugh crying on the couch. He realises Hugh is probably suffering from clinical depression and alerts Toby who in turn tells Ellie. Ellie accuses Matt of interfering and he finds himself caught in a no-win situation.

Later, Ellie seeks out Hugh and tells him she too was unhappy and she doesn't blame him any more for his affair. Hugh gets a glimmer of hope that they might eventually get back together, and for the first time in weeks, gets a good night's sleep.

Helen is again prevented from leaving when her taxi driver abandons the taxi to chase after Sonia. That night everyone gathers to watch the promised fiery display of the satellite re-entry, and even though it's a fizzer Helen can't help but wonder if leaving is the right decision. Sonia, meanwhile, has finally nabbed Michael and forces him to make the call, only to watch helplessly as he wangles his way out of the fine a second time.

Helen's third and last attempt is blocked when a huge piece of satellite lands in the road right in front of her taxi. Clearly, fate has intervened and she can't ignore the signs any longer.

Helen returns to the Baa Bar and tells Jack she's staying — she can't bear to see his accounts so abused.

Guest Cast:

  • Deborah Mailman as Sonia
  • Lech Mackiewicz as Kirk
  • Jie Pittman as Dougie
  • Justin Costello as Sam
  • Rebecca Defina as Nurse
  • Pawel Jarecki as Spectator
  • Nicole Keipert as Female Patron
  • Oliver Roach as Sachan
  • David Sutton as Official


  • "Bo Bo RRawa" performed by Letter Stick Band
  • "Showtime" performed by Days Like Stars
  • "Creators" performed by Loivia Eden
  • "Rescue Me" performed by Days Like Stars