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Episode 12

Australia: Monday, October 03, 2005
New Zealand: Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Written by Justin Monjo
Directed by Ian Watson

Michael fills in for his cousin on a local radio station, asking listeners to call the 'Love Roo' and share their wisdom on the subject of love. What is it? Can it last forever? How do you know when it's the real thing? Meanwhile, everyone in The Alice seems to be wrestling with the same questions.

Jess and Toby have one of their huge fights, which culminates in both of them being knocked out by swinging doors at the Baa Bar. Maybe it's the bump on the head or maybe it's the weird dream he had in the night, but Toby wakes the next morning with a new perspective. He agrees to accompany Jess on her mission to find the time capsule her mother buried when they were seven.

Their day starts full of awkward silences. Toby offers Jess the chance to list everything she doesn't like about him and they finally get honest with each other. She confides she thinks Darren is about to break up with her — he's sending weird text messages. Jess and Toby finally find the time capsule as dusk falls, but instead of digging it up they find themselves in each other's arms.

Meanwhile, Helen has decided to cook dinner for Jack to thank him for giving her a roof with stars. Patrick thinks it's a bad idea — dinner never means just dinner — but Helen doesn't want to hear any more advice from Patrick about men. She becomes so annoyed she banishes him, but this proves difficult as Patrick begins to behave more and more outrageously to get her attention.

Jack, too, suspects dinner could mean more than dinner and confides his fears to Rusty. He arrives nervous, but finds Helen asleep at the table. She's imbibed a little too much Dutch courage. Unknown to Helen, Natalie has worked some culinary magic and a surprised Jack finds the food delicious.

Hugh finds himself taking two steps back on the road to getting over Ellie. After a call to the Love Roo he realises he doesn't want to ruin his relationship with his son and moves out of Toby's house.

Jess and Toby wake the next morning to the possibility everything is about to change. Jess returns home resigned to an unpleasant break-up conversation with Darren while Toby, full of hope, digs up the time capsule.

Inside, Toby finds a note he wrote at seven, "I love Jess Daily and I want to marry her". At that same moment Darren presents Jess with a ring. She had it all wrong — he's proposing. Jess has no idea what to say.

The next morning a mortified Helen confides to Jack she just wants to make a difference to someone. Jack watches her retreat; he's just not ready to take that leap into the unknown.

Guest Cast:

  • Kyas Sherriff as Natalie Anderson
  • Kick Gurry as Darren
  • James Cullington as Old Man
  • Jennifer Fitzell as Old Woman
  • Evan Higgins as Young Toby
  • Kwame Glymin as Young Michael
  • Dena Parish as Young Jess
  • Rustle as Rusty the Dog


  • "Bo Bo RRawa" performed by Letter Stick Band
  • "Every Sunday" performed by Olivia Eden
  • "Showtime" performed by Days Like Stars
  • "Johnny Walker's Shoes" performed by The Pigram Brothers