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Episode 7

Australia: Monday, August 29, 2005
New Zealand: Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Written by Liz Doran
Directed by Daina Reid

Late at night Toby witnesses some strange lights — maybe it's a UFO. Unfortunately for him, Michael doesn't see them or believe him. Neither does his dad Hugh.

Jack returns from a morning walk to be informed by Helen that a bag of unopened mail has arrived for him. Jack doesn't 'do' mail, so Helen should sort it out for him. When Helen finds a big royalty cheque from Germany, Jack, in an attempt to bond with Jess, makes a spur of the moment grand gesture and promises to use the money to take Jess to Scotland, to visit the home of her ancestors.

Despite warnings from Patrick, Helen agrees to play netball for Jess's team the next night. Meanwhile, Jess's best friend and Michael's sister Natalie has arrived in town for the weekend, with a secret. It doesn't take long for Jess to learn she's here for a blind date with a guy she met on the Internet. Back at home, Jess walks in on Elliein bed with Matt. It's embarrassing all round and Ellie and Matt realise they need to find a private space — their own piece of Switzerland.

Hugh calls with the news that the lights were from the space base. But Michael decides to play a trick on Toby — he tells him the UFO could be real.

Jess gets more and more excited about Scotland and buys a lovely red coat to take with her. What she doesn't know is that Helen found a credit card debt in the mail that wiped out the royalty cheque. Jack is going to have to confront his habit of making promises he can't keep, especially to Jess.

Matt and Ellie buy a beautiful velvet couch for Ellie's workshop. As they carry it home, Hugh drives past. They've found their Switzerland, but Hugh is unhappy. He tells Toby that Michael's been having him on. Toby confronts Michael and the two become so caught up in disagreement they fail to notice a set of lights circling in the sky behind them.

Natalie's romantic evening picnic with Will is going well. So well that they, too, fail to notice the strange lights in the night sky above them. Natalie makes a call — she's quitting her job and moving back to Alice.

During the netball game a whole new Helen emerges when she accidentally on purpose smashes the nose of an opponent. She is christened 'Animal', not to Patrick's surprise.

Jess pulls out of the trip before Jack can break his promise to her. Just when Jack thinks he's gotten away with the whole thing, he sees an old Aboriginal woman walking along the river, wearing Jess's red coat.

Guest Cast:

  • Kyas Sherriff as Natalie Anderson
  • Christopher Morris as Will
  • Nicole Fletcher as Goal Attack
  • Suzie Steen as Lawn Sale Woman
  • Rustle as Rusty the Dog


  • "Bo Bo RRawa" performed by Letter Stick Band
  • "Every Sunday" performed by Olivia Eden
  • "Rescue" performed by Days Like Stars
  • "The Lie" performed by Days Like Stars
  • "Whisper" performed by Days Like Stars
  • "Roll On Home" performed by Pigram Brothers