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Episode 10

Australia: Monday, September 19, 2005
New Zealand: Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Written by Blake Ayshford
Directed by Catherine Millar

The Bricklayer wind is in town: a wind that changes the fortunes of all it touches. When Michael and Toby take a tour group climbing, Michael senses the Bricklayer wind coming and cancels the climb. The tourists start to get restless, so the boys are forced to explain what makes the Bricklayer so special and strange by telling stories of how the wind once affected Hugh and Jack…

Jack does his morning psyche up in the teeth of the howling wind and from that moment on his day goes from bad to worse. His chef leaves, Rusty deserts him, and a fan mistakes him for the lead singer of another '80s band. It seems he's lost his cool, his spirit and his inner 'music'.

Hugh comes to the aid of a distraught woman, Fleur, who begs him to get rid of a spider in her house. When he agrees to stay for a cup of tea, Hugh gets the sense there is something more Fleur wants to tell him. Back at the police station, Hugh follows his hunch and looks up the details of a station wagon he saw parked near Fleur's house. He discovers the car is registered to Fleur's husband and he's got an AVO out on him.

Hugh drives back out and discovers Fleur's house has been wrecked and Fleur and her daughter are missing. Hugh arrests and interrogates the husband, Kelvin, who claims innocence. Hugh is stunned and confused when he returns to the house to find Fleur and Holly safe and sound and the house undamaged. Did he have a vision of what could have been?

Meanwhile, the wind has entered the home of Jess, Matt and Natalie, causing a petty squabble over leaving the windows open at night. The squabble escalates, leaving Matt wondering if Nat and Jess are trying to get rid of him. Later, when he discusses his living situation with Ellie, she thinks he's suggesting he move in with her. Matt smiles, maybe he is. Isn't that what people in love do? Ellie is surprised and amused by his declaration. She thinks he's loveable, not quite the reaction Matt was hoping for.

Jack decides to go in search of his missing spirit, leading Helen on a wild goose chase through the bush in the squalling wind of the Bricklayer. Finally, exhausted, dishevelled, both caked in red dust, Helen convinces Jack he's not going to find his 'cool' out in the desert and they go home.

By now the wind has died down and on their return to the Baa Bar, Jack is once more the centre of attention. Rusty licks his hand, the fan now recognises him as JJ. Helen was right: his 'cool' was with him all along.

When Hugh releases Kelvin, he thanks him for locking him up. It gave him time to cool down. He wasn't sure what he might've done, but Hugh's words probably stopped him doing something he might've regretted. This resonates with Hugh, who realises that despite everything, his family matters the most.

Guest Cast:

  • Kyas Sherriff as Natalie Anderson
  • David Campbell
  • Justin Lehmann as Constable Tony Kennedy
  • Emma Jackson as Amber
  • Amanda Crompton as Fleur
  • Simon Bossell as Kelvin
  • Jacqueline Redmond as Holly
  • Aaron Scully as Larry
  • Nick Stevenson as Repairman
  • Sharon Bliss as Tourist
  • Rustle as Rusty the Dog


  • "Bo Bo RRawa" performed by Letter Stick Band
  • "On My Own" performed by Days Like Stars
  • "Rescue" performed by Days Like Stars
  • "Showtime" performed by Days Like Stars
  • "As Good As It Gets" performed by Olivia Eden
  • "Every Sunday" performed by Olivia Eden
  • "Ordinary Girl" performed by Olivia Eden