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Episode 6

Australia: Monday, August 22, 2005
New Zealand: Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Written by John Ridley
Directed by Ian Watson

In order to impress Helen, Jack takes her for an outback spin in a new Mercedes he's borrowed from a local car yard under the ruse of a test drive. Romance is in the air but just when a kiss at their secluded picnic spot seems imminent fate intervenes — a wayward champagne cork lands on the car's electronic key and locks them out.

As tensions rise, Jack decides to walk back down the highway to a roadhouse, leaving Helen under the protection of Rusty and Patrick. A dusty kilometre later, Jack thumbs down a Mack truck. The driver — an attractive woman, Maxine — agrees to drop Jack off but when they reach the roadhouse, the sight of a police car prompts her to keep driving. Turns out she's on the run — from her husband and the law. Having discovered Greg's affair she has trapped him on the roof of his truck shed without a ladder. If the extreme heat doesn't kill him, the fall will.

Back at the car, Helen's patience runs out. Smashing a window, she takes off after Jack. In the meantime, Jack has convinced Maxine her husband isn't worth a murder charge and is returning to pick her up. In a series of close calls, Jack and Helen keep missing each other. In the end, Helen follows Patrick's advice and takes the sports car off road where she gets bogged, while Jack returns with Max to her outback property to save her husband.

Turns out Greg is okay and Jack tries to work out a reconciliation between him and Maxine (taking a moment to autograph a copy of his album for Greg. But Maxine, overcome by emotion, tries to run Greg down in the truck but Jack manages to push him out of the way just in time. There's no way these two are getting back together.

A dishevelled Helen finally finds Jack, only to discover him in a clinch with the grateful Maxine. Jack, in turn, is aghast at the state of the Mercedes which is filthy and sounds like a diesel tractor.

Meanwhile, Toby's attempt to put on a brave face about his mum's affair fails when he punches Matt, hurting his own hand more than Matt's head. Matt tries to hide the incident from Elliebut she finds out and is furious. An unrepentant Toby declares he is now on his dad's side of the fence.

Back at the Baa Bar, Ellie is on her first official public date with Matt — a farewell party for one of his work colleagues. To her relief everyone responds positively. In fact some of the nurses want to hear all the details. Toby gives the party a miss and hangs out with Hugh on the front porch. It seems they have a lot in common of late — they've both been behaving pretty stupidly over Ellie.

Jack arrives at the bar having mollified the car dealer and he and Helen make peace. The moment is interrupted by a call from Maxine — her third — and Jack feels obliged to take it. Helen says goodnight and Jack watches her walk away.

Guest Cast:

  • Dee Smart as Maxine
  • Steve Bastoni as Greg
  • Alan Flower as Mick Begley
  • Nichole Keipert as Evelyn
  • Ariane Roseblade as Nurse
  • Kazimir Sas as Terry
  • Craig Bottrell as Customer
  • Rustle as Rusty The Dog
  • Nick McKinless as Stunt Double
  • Scott McLean as Stunt Double
  • Min Windle as Stunt Double
  • Brad Buckley as Stunt Double


  • "Bo Bo RRawa" performed by Letter Stick Band
  • "Goodbye, My Friend" performed by Olivia Eden
  • "Rescue" performed by Days Like Stars