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Episode 4

Wednesday, December 25, 2019
Writer: Shelley Birse
Director: Rowan Woods

Eadie’s (Joanne Froggatt) drive to help Rachel (Elizabeth Nabben) find her family lost in the storm gives her a front row view of what people are experiencing further out in the hot zones. What they find will rock Eadie to her core and cause her to question the sanity of bringing a child into the world.

Eadie (Joanne Froggatt) works hard to help one of the Resettlement Centre patients put together her broken memories in time to try and find her husband and daughter, still missing in the wake of last week’s storm. Against all advice, Eadie sets forth on her own search and rescue mission, and comes face to face with just how tough the world has become for the climate ‘have nots’. Eadie’s relentless optimism gets an all too intense dose of ‘real’ when the truth about the fate of Rachel’s (Elizabeth Nabben) family is discovered.

Lloyd (David Lyons) finds himself being courted by private pharmaceutical company, Lindriquil. Company director Karima Khan (Andrea Demetriades) is determined that a partnership would offer exactly the kind of resources Lloyd needs to iron out the declared kicks in the breakthrough, but Lloyd refuses to play ball. It’s a rejection that will send Karima to Dom (Rupert Penry-Jones), looking for another way to get what she wants and Dom will offer a way forward with implications that will ultimately shake every relationship around him to the core.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Joanne Froggatt as Eadie Boulay
  • Inez Currò as Ivy Green
  • David Lyons as Lloyd Green
  • John Waters as Herman Fischer
  • Andrea Demetriades as Karima Khan
  • Elizabeth Nabben as Rachel
  • Fayssal Bazzi as Abel Keralo
  • Ryan Corr as Shay Levine
  • Georgia Aslan as Louisa
  • John-Paul Pace as Gianni
  • Rupert Penry-Jones as Dom Boulay
  • Madeleine Withington as AI Voice Over
  • Harry Greenwood as Tully
  • Chris Burke as Pharmacist
  • Simone Mcaullay as Francesca Boulay
  • Bede Warnock as Cosmo Boulay
  • Alex Chard as Archie Boulay
  • Jeanette Cronin as Cybelle
  • Maddison Musumeci as Bride
  • Rob Hill as Groom
  • Benjamin Shaw as Marco
  • Christy Sullivan as Elena
  • Hayden Holmes as Tillie Boulay
  • Bailey Holmes as Sage Boulay
  • Ashley Douglass as Stand-In
  • Gavin Miller as Stand-In

Stunt Performers:

  • Jordan Bissaker
  • Phil Partridge
  • Nicole Verhoevan