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Episode 1

Wednesday, December 25, 2019 (Stan)
Writer: Shelley Birse
Director: Jeffrey Walker

In the near future, gifted neuropsychologist Eadie Boulay (Joanne Froggatt) is desperate to conceive a child. Faced with next level climate change and tech advances with implications we can’t begin to anticipate, the question of bringing a child into the world is a whole lot more complicated than it used to be.

In the near future, gifted neuropsychologist Eadie Boulay (Joanne Froggatt) struggles to conceive a child. Face to face with the next wave of climate change there are those who question her determination to bring a baby into this uncertain world, but it’s a primal drive Eadie cannot ignore. As her 38th birthday looms, and with it the end of her eligibility for state subsidised IVF, Eadie contemplates a much more dangerous path to motherhood.

Meanwhile, Eadie’s husband, Lloyd (David Lyons) and his best friend, Shay (Ryan Corr), work the front lines of insect-born disease and Lloyd’s first-hand experience with the grey ethical edge of gene manipulation make him reluctant to ‘play God’ when it comes to conception. This difference of opinion sets Eadie on a journey of Russian roulette where the price of the child she so desperately wants could be both her marriage and her life.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Joanne Froggatt as Eadie Boulay
  • Inez Currò as Ivy Green
  • David Lyons as Lloyd Green
  • Ryan Corr as Shay Levine
  • Karina Bracken as Calista
  • Zara Michales as Salinda
  • Damon Herriman as Ben Childers
  • Fletcher Humphreys as Angry Driver
  • John Waters as Herman
  • Freyja Benjamin as Corrine
  • Ethan Pham as Sang
  • Gabrielle Chan as Grandmother
  • Aileen Huynh as Tien
  • Christopher Nehme as Driver
  • Dominic Ona-Ariki as Israel Latu
  • Rupert Penry-Jones as Dom Boulay
  • Simone Mcaullay as Francesca Boulay
  • Hayden Holmes as Tillie Boulay
  • Bailey Holmes as Sage Boulay
  • Alex Chard as Archie Boulay
  • Bede Warnock as Cosmo Boulay
  • Anthony Brandon Wong as Harlow
  • Andrew Petruszenko as Jonah Mason
  • Kali Holmes as Ainslie Mason
  • Rodney Afif as Syrian Shooter
  • Ashley Douglass as Stand-In
  • Gavin Miller as Stand-In

Stunt Performers:

  • Marlee Barber
  • Luke Davis
  • Matt De Souza
  • Paul Doyle
  • Mark Duncan
  • Aiden Gillett
  • Sean Harnett
  • Ali Kadhim
  • Jordan Le Goueff
  • Cyrus Ning
  • Tim Parsons
  • Dean Povlc