Produced by Playmaker Media

Producer: Diane Haddon
Executive Producers: David Taylor, David Maher, Nick Forward, Graham Yost, Fred Golan, Shelley Birse
Writers: Shelley Birse, Michael Miller, Matt Ford, Matt Cameron
Directors: Jeffrey Walker, Rowan Woods, Jennifer Leacey

Released: December 25, 2019 (Stan)

Set in the very near future, The Commons is a character-driven thriller which plays out at the intersection of climate change and the cutting edge of biotechnology. Part mystery, part relationship drama, it puts a very human face on what’s coming down the road and the heroism that lies inside us all when our backs are against the wall. (8x54min)
Joanne FroggattEadie Boulay
Rupert Penry-JonesDom Boulay
David LyonsLloyd Green
Ryan CorrShay Levine
Damon HerrimanBen Childers
John WatersHerman Fischer
Inez CurròIvy Green
Simone McAullayFrancesca Boulay
Bede WarnockCosmo Boulay
Alex ChardArchie Boulay
Dominic Ona-ArikiIsrael Latu
Andrea DemetriadesKarima Khan
Fayssal BazziAbel Keralo
Zara MichalesSalinda

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