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Squizzy Loses the Plot

Episode 6.07
Sunday, September 01, 2013 (9:00)
Ratings: 489,000 viewers (16th)
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Shawn Seet

Squizzy arranges the breakout of his good mate Angus Murray from prison in an attempt to reunite the Bourke Street Rats inner-circle of three, Squizzy, Tankbuster and Murray. The team, however, will never be as it was.

Murray has done the last five years in Pentridge tough, he's a broken man by the time he gets out, his only ambition being to leave town to start a quiet life afresh, somewhere far, far away. But Squizzy has gone to considerable trouble and expense to free Murray and isn't about to let him go so easily. Murray owes him, right? One last job … a straight forward bank robbery…

Meanwhile, Lorna gives birth to Squizzy's second child, another daughter, Lesley. Tankbuster delivers the news but Squizzy doesn't want to know.

The bank robbery is a disaster. The bank manager is shot and mortally wounded. Murray is arrested, while the triggerman, a brutal ex-con called Richard Buckley, escapes capture. Squizzy's old tricks of threatening witnesses and jury tampering fail for once and Murray is inevitably found guilty and sentenced to hang.

Tankbuster pushes for an attempt to break Murray out of prison a second time but it ends badly and Angus' fate is sealed. When Squizzy won't face the condemned man in prison, Tankbuster sees him for what he is — a hollow, emotional fraud and coward. The bond between these two old friends is broken the day Angus Murray swings.

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