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Squizzy Steps Out

Episode 6.01
Sunday, July 28, 2013 (8:30, Nine)
Ratings: 1.148 million viewers (7th)
Executive Producers: Des Monaghan, Greg Haddrick, Jo Rooney, Andy Ryan
Producers: Peter Gawler, Elisa Argenzio
Written by Felicity Packard
Directed by David Caesar

It's 1915 and young Leslie "Squizzy" Taylor has had enough of grafting a living picking pockets. He might be a shorty but he has big ideas and an even bigger ego — which only swells when he pulls off a daring heist from a city jewellers in broad daylight with his Bourke Street Rats inner circle of "Snowy" Cutmore, Angus Murray, "Tankbuster" McDonald and his best girl, prostitute Dolly Grey. Even if big crim about town and fence Henry Stokes doesn't give Squizzy quite the price he thinks his loot is worth, Squizzy's taken his first step into a bigger, brighter, riskier world.

But what's the use of being a criminal genius if no-one, including the police, rates you? While a more circumspect crook might rejoice in anonymity, Squizzy's ego compels him to prove himself and he throws his gang into a much more challenging crime. They're going to rob the bank manager of one of the new branches springing up on the city's semi-rural outskirts. Only trouble is, it's a fair hike and none of them can drive. Squizzy books a taxi under an assumed name, blithely assuming he will be able to "convince" the driver to play along with his plan. But it all goes wrong and the resolute young driver ends up with Snowy's bullet in his head.

Squizzy's not too worried — the cops are jokes. But one cop isn't laughing — Detective Piggott is conscientious and committed and finds an eyewitness among the orchardists and dairy farmers who describe a very short man and another with a Panama hat... Squizzy and Snowy are at the races, drinking a toast to Tankbuster who's joined up to fight the Hun, when in swoop coppers — Leslie Taylor, you are under arrest for murder. It seems Squizzy's circuit of Fortune's Wheel is destined to be very rapid indeed...

Note: cast and music credits are for the combined broadcast of episodes 1 and 2

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Jared Daperis as Leslie "Squizzy" Taylor
  • Luke Ford as Albert "Tankbuster" McDonald
  • Matt Boesenberg as John "Snowy" Cutmore
  • Ben O'Connor as Constable
  • Matthew Keating as Constable
  • Andrew Ryan as Angus Murray
  • Camille Keenan as Dolly Grey
  • Simon Mallory as Drumm Jewellery Salesman
  • Dayne Ratcliffe as Squizzy Hand Double
  • Matthew Hadgrast as Salesman Double
  • Claire Miller as Woman in Hat
  • Matt Tanner as Drumm Arcade Musician
  • Dan Witton as Drumm Arcade Musician
  • Andy Baylor as Drumm Arcade Musician
  • Adam Simmons as Drumm Arcade Musician
  • Jack McKinnis-Pegg as Newsboy
  • Diana Glenn as Annie Stokes
  • Nathan Page as Henry Stokes
  • Richard Cawthorne as "Long Harry" Slater
  • Ian Dixon as Ted Whiting
  • Sam Greco as "Bunny" Whiting
  • Alison Leslie as Madam "Corned Beef" Provost
  • Dan Wyllie as Det. Frederick Piggott
  • Ashley Zukerman as Det. James Bruce
  • Ken Radley as Det. John Brophy
  • Peter Moon as Squizzy's Tailor
  • Caleb McClure as Ollie
  • Lynda Knight as Well-Dressed Lady Shopper
  • Susie Porter as Rose Taylor
  • Thomas Milton as Hubert De Molle
  • Scott Middleton as Junior Bank Manager
  • Darrel Cartledge as Bank Official
  • Frank Sweet as Taxi Driver, Bill Hainer
  • Silas James as Walter Burns, Burns Motor Taxis
  • Shane Lee as Farmer, Clarence Simpson
  • John Arnold as "Old Chap" Arnold Jones
  • Gareth Keegan as Cons. Archie Cooper
  • John Linton as Wagon Driver
  • Kevin Dee as Matthew Daly
  • Jackson Ezard as Hugh Hanlon
  • Victoria Eagger as Watch House Matron
  • Andrew Blackman as Crown Prosecutor Woinarski
  • Lee Mason as Eugene Gorman
  • Ross Thomspon as Justice Winneke
  • Rowan Francis as Publican
  • Fletcher Humphrys as Edward Jenkins
  • Andrea Sefton as Clarence's Wife
  • Amos Phillips as Court Clerk
  • Elliot Cyngler as Reporter #1
  • Chris Gibson as Reporter #2
  • Lauren Brumby as Mrs Murray 1
  • Imogen Hopper as Mrs Murray 2
  • Brendan Bacon as Harold Brooks
  • Greg Fleet as Richard Buckley
  • Jeffrey Kracker as Jury Foreman
  • Brendan Parry Kaufmann as Avon Bryant
  • Bruce Packard as Banjo Player
  • Sally-Anne Moody as Drunk Girl
  • Rick Tonna as Wrestler 1
  • Chris Weir as Wrestler 2
  • Caroline Craig as Jacqui James/Narrator
  • Chris Pace as Stunt Actor
  • Graham Jahne as Stunt Actor
  • Daniel Solis as Stunt Actor
  • Alex Yakimov as Stunt Actor


  • "Little Red Wagon" performed by Auda Mae & The Almighty SOund
  • "Scat Song" performed by Mojo Juju and The Snake Oil Merchants
  • "Little Red Rooster - Greasy Bird" performed by Shane O'Mara, Loretta Miller, Ralf Rehak and Rick Plant
  • "Little Red Rooster - Low and Dirty" performed by Shane O'Mara, Loretta Miller and Ralf Rehak
  • "Camptown Races" performed by Shane O'Mara, Loretta Miller, Ralf Rehak and Rick Plant
  • "Howl and Moan" performed by Abbe May
  • "Shake" performed by Ash Grunwald
  • "Camptown Races - Lament" performed by Shane O'Mara and Loretta Miller