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The Worst Woman in Sydney

Episode 4.01
Sunday, August 21, 2011 (8.30 - 9.30)
Ratings: 2.510 million viewers
Produced by Peter Gawler, Elisa Argenzio
Written by Peter Gawler
Directed by Tony Tilse

It was the 1920s, Sydney, Australia and the gutters were running with blood as the underworld exploded in violence.

Vice in the harbour city was dominated by two powerful women — Tilly Devine, a sharp-tongued cockney who ran a chain of 40 brothels, and her bitter rival Kate Leigh, an Aussie battler who'd built an empire out of sly grog, thieving and cocaine.

But there was only room for one woman at the top...

Note: Underbelly Razor was filmed from April to August 2011

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Danielle Cormack as Kate Leigh
  • Izzy Stevens as Eileen Leigh
  • Chelsie Preston Crayford as Tilly Devine
  • Kelly Anderson as Peg
  • Erin Profilio as Brothel Girl
  • Samantha Bennett as Brothel Girl
  • Brook Newman as Brothel Girl
  • Sarah Chapman as Brothel Girl
  • John Batchelor as Wally Tomlinson
  • Pippa Grandison as Mona Woods
  • Tom Frazier as Dancer
  • Andrew Wilkinson as Dancer
  • Cam Mitchell as Dancer
  • Brock Mifsud as Dancer
  • Jolie O'Reilly as Dancer
  • Michelle Maye as Dancer
  • Owen Morris as Kissing Man
  • Kelly Webster as Kissing Woman
  • Blake Lindsell as Young Buck
  • Ben Toyer as Young Buck
  • Greg Hourigan as Sugar Daddy
  • Michelle Cole as Mistress
  • John Daley as Bent Cop
  • Bradley Bond as Gun Dealer
  • William Upjohn as Roy the Butcher/Barman
  • Catherine Glavicic as May Seckold
  • Rick Donald as Barney Dalton
  • Judd Wild as Wild Sailor
  • Jack Campbell as "Big" Jim Devine
  • Guy Edmonds as Greg "The Gunman" Gaffney
  • David Willis as Bill "The Octopus" Flanagan
  • TJ Power as H.L. Jones (Reporter)
  • Adam Marsden as Photgrapher
  • Veronica Barr as Elderly Woman
  • Khan Chittenden as Frank "The Little Gunman" Green
  • Adele Vuko as Gwynnie
  • Emily Rose Brennan as "Black" Aggie
  • Darrin Kiernan as Man In Car / Businessman
  • Pacharo Mzembe as "Nigger" / "Nugget" 1
  • Jessica Leembruggen as "Nigger's" Girl #1
  • Vaneea Bristow as "Nigger's" Girl #2
  • Anna McGahan as Nellie Cameron
  • Craig Hall as Bill Mackay
  • Lucy Wigmore as Lillian Armfield
  • Warwick Alston as Desk Sergeant
  • Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Norman Bruhn
  • Justin Rosniak as "Squizzy" Taylor
  • Donald Sword as Banker
  • Anna Lawrence as Irene Bruhn
  • Tasman Palazzi as Keith Bruhn
  • Rex Palazzi as Noel Bruhn
  • Mehmet Yavuz as Rabbitoh
  • Donald Sinclair as Iceman
  • Richard Brancatisano as Guido Calletti
  • Clint Foster as Tom Kelly
  • Guy Spence as Sid "Kicker" Kelly
  • Will Ward as Barman
  • Steve Le Marquand as Tom Wickham
  • Justin Hile as Clerk of Courts
  • Martin Curtis as Magistrate
  • Jimmy Gunawan as Elderly Chinese Man
  • Jason Li as Young Chinese Man
  • Matt Boesenberg as John "Snowy" Cutmore
  • Chris Mitchell as Stunt Actor
  • Mike Duncan as Stunt Actor
  • Caroline Craig as Jacqui James / Narrator


  • "Nips Are Getting Bigger" performed by Pippa Grandison
  • "Catch A Fire" performed by Mojo JuJu & The Snake Oil Merchants
  • "Chanson Triste" performed by Nellie Melba
  • "Another Day" performed by Angus & Julia Stone
  • "Your Beautiful Eyes" performed by 5 Alarm

(1) Pacharo Mzembe's character was named and credited as "Nigger" (quotes included) in the original tv broadcasts but on the so-called "uncut" DVDs, the character's name was changed to "Nugget" both in the credits and in redubbed dialog. I've chosen to retain the original name throughout the guide.