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Squizzy Puts One Over

Episode 6.02
Sunday, July 28, 2013 (9:30)
Ratings: na
Written by na
Directed by David Caesar

Facing a murder charge, Squizzy's out on bail, thanks to a few quid slipped to the Bail Justice. He tracks down the Crown witness convincing him that his eyesight is unreliable. Detective Piggott can only watch in dismay as Squizzy is acquitted. But he resolves that one day hell bring down the cocky little so-and-so.

Angus approaches Squizzy about a quick job to produce some urgent cash but Squizzy is under constant police surveillance now and needs to lie low to wait out the heat. With pressing expenses Angus pulls a solo bank robbery and gets away with 400 pounds! Sadly he is caught shortly afterwards and sentenced to fifteen years in the roughest prison in Melbourne.

Meanwhile, Squizzy has a new plan — another jewellery store robbery, but this time with the added bonus of giving the cops a small peace offering. Of course it does mean setting up the 2IC of Long Harry Slater's Narrows Gang as fall guy but that's a sacrifice Squizzy's prepared to make! The elaborate scheme unfolds according to plan except that the cops leave their run a little late and fence Henry Stokes is arrested along with Slater's man and charged with major theft.

Squizzy admits he miscalculated and attempts to set things to rights by bribing the trial jury, resulting in a surprising acquittal. However Long Harry is deeply suspicious that Squizzy and Stokes have pocketed the lion's share of the takings and has both men severely bashed. Moreover, Slater declares that his end of town is offlimits to Squizzy and his gang.

Snowy comes back from fencing the bulk of the jewellery robbery takings in Sydney to a city divided. And Dolly too, is distressed by the animosity — she loves her Leslie but his crazy plans have led folk practically to war! She takes herself over to Long Harry's Narrows Gang hang-out to talk some sense into them all, taking in a bit of Dutch courage as she goes. But Long Harry and his boys send Dolly back to Squizzy scorned, humiliated and brutally raped.

Note: cast and music credits are for the combined broadcast of episodes 1 and 2

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Jared Daperis as Leslie "Squizzy" Taylor
  • Luke Ford as Albert "Tankbuster" McDonald
  • Matt Boesenberg as John "Snowy" Cutmore
  • Ben O'Connor as Constable
  • Matthew Keating as Constable
  • Andrew Ryan as Angus Murray
  • Camille Keenan as Dolly Grey
  • Simon Mallory as Drumm Jewellery Salesman
  • Dayne Ratcliffe as Squizzy Hand Double
  • Matthew Hadgrast as Salesman Double
  • Claire Miller as Woman in Hat
  • Matt Tanner as Drumm Arcade Musician
  • Dan Witton as Drumm Arcade Musician
  • Andy Baylor as Drumm Arcade Musician
  • Adam Simmons as Drumm Arcade Musician
  • Jack McKinnis-Pegg as Newsboy
  • Diana Glenn as Annie Stokes
  • Nathan Page as Henry Stokes
  • Richard Cawthorne as "Long Harry" Slater
  • Ian Dixon as Ted Whiting
  • Sam Greco as "Bunny" Whiting
  • Alison Leslie as Madam "Corned Beef" Provost
  • Dan Wyllie as Det. Frederick Piggott
  • Ashley Zukerman as Det. James Bruce
  • Ken Radley as Det. John Brophy
  • Peter Moon as Squizzy's Tailor
  • Caleb McClure as Ollie
  • Lynda Knight as Well-Dressed Lady Shopper
  • Susie Porter as Rose Taylor
  • Thomas Milton as Hubert De Molle
  • Scott Middleton as Junior Bank Manager
  • Darrel Cartledge as Bank Official
  • Frank Sweet as Taxi Driver, Bill Hainer
  • Silas James as Walter Burns, Burns Motor Taxis
  • Shane Lee as Farmer, Clarence Simpson
  • John Arnold as "Old Chap" Arnold Jones
  • Gareth Keegan as Cons. Archie Cooper
  • John Linton as Wagon Driver
  • Kevin Dee as Matthew Daly
  • Jackson Ezard as Hugh Hanlon
  • Victoria Eagger as Watch House Matron
  • Andrew Blackman as Crown Prosecutor Woinarski
  • Lee Mason as Eugene Gorman
  • Ross Thomspon as Justice Winneke
  • Rowan Francis as Publican
  • Fletcher Humphrys as Edward Jenkins
  • Andrea Sefton as Clarence's Wife
  • Amos Phillips as Court Clerk
  • Elliot Cyngler as Reporter #1
  • Chris Gibson as Reporter #2
  • Lauren Brumby as Mrs Murray 1
  • Imogen Hopper as Mrs Murray 2
  • Brendan Bacon as Harold Brooks
  • Greg Fleet as Richard Buckley
  • Jeffrey Kracker as Jury Foreman
  • Brendan Parry Kaufmann as Avon Bryant
  • Bruce Packard as Banjo Player
  • Sally-Anne Moody as Drunk Girl
  • Rick Tonna as Wrestler 1
  • Chris Weir as Wrestler 2
  • Caroline Craig as Jacqui James/Narrator
  • Chris Pace as Stunt Actor
  • Graham Jahne as Stunt Actor
  • Daniel Solis as Stunt Actor
  • Alex Yakimov as Stunt Actor


  • "Little Red Wagon" performed by Auda Mae & The Almighty SOund
  • "Scat Song" performed by Mojo Juju and The Snake Oil Merchants
  • "Little Red Rooster - Greasy Bird" performed by Shane O'Mara, Loretta Miller, Ralf Rehak and Rick Plant
  • "Little Red Rooster - Low and Dirty" performed by Shane O'Mara, Loretta Miller and Ralf Rehak
  • "Camptown Races" performed by Shane O'Mara, Loretta Miller, Ralf Rehak and Rick Plant
  • "Howl and Moan" performed by Abbe May
  • "Shake" performed by Ash Grunwald
  • "Camptown Races - Lament" performed by Shane O'Mara and Loretta Miller