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Squizzy Makes the Front Page

Episode 6.06
Sunday, August 25, 2013 (9:00)
Ratings: 782,000 viewers (10th)
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Squizzy kidnaps his girlfriend from witness protection. While still on the run from the police, Squizzy and Ida star in a big-budget silent movie. Squizzy learns the price of fame when a former admirer guns him down.

Squizzy's twelve months on the run mark the pinnacle of his notoriety. Fêted by the press as a criminal with class, he is known as the dapper pimpernel, running circles around a police force at a complete loss to catch him. He has finally arrived as Australia's first celebrity criminal! However, the police are wising to Squizzy's tricks.

Ida, who has been manipulated into giving evidence against him and Tankbuster, is secreted away and out of reach in one of this country's first attempts at a witness protection program. If she makes it to court her testimony could see Squizzy deemed an habitual criminal to be locked away for all time — if he's ever apprehended, that is.

Squizzy organises an elaborate kidnapping of Ida but when she falls back into his arms all is forgiven. Then the stars miraculously align with Squizzy and Ida approached to star in a movie about race fixing.

Meanwhile, the police regularly raid Squizzy's Caulfield House, upturning Lorna's life, looking for something, anything that will lead them to Squizzy Taylor. Detective Bruce befriends the pregnant Lorna and tries to convince her to turn her husband in. She may be devastated by Squizzy's disappearance and the fact he's taken a lover, but she is a loyal wife no less and wont budge.

Ida's loyalty reconfirmed, the police's case in disarray and with a film to be made, Squizzy decides to turn himself in, convinced he can beat any court case. In classic Squizzy style, he arrives at police headquarters at a time of his own choosing, on his own terms, with a contingent of press to witness the event. And as he predicts, he is immediately bailed yet again.

But he discovers there's a price to fame when a former admirer turned stalker guns him down in the street. Although Squizzy survives, the film does not — the government censor bans it in the public interest for its unsavoury association with such a notorious criminal as Mr. L. Squizzy Taylor.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Jared Daperis as Leslie "Squizzy" Taylor
  • Hannah Gadsby as Charlie the Photographer
  • Lauren Edwards as Elegant Lady
  • Alison Kingston as Woman of Circumstance
  • Luke Ford as Albert "Tankbuster" McDonald
  • Dan Wyllie as Det. Frederick Piggott
  • Ken Radley as Det. John Brophy
  • Ashley Zukerman as Det. James Bruce
  • Verity East as Heiress
  • Kevin Kiernan-Molloy as Joseph Cotter
  • Gracie Gilbert as Ida Pender
  • Joanne Trentini as Sister Mary Patricia
  • Elise Jansen as Lorna Kelly
  • Rachel Tidd as Sister Mary Madeline
  • Nathan Page as Henry Stokes
  • Fletcher Humphrys as Edward Jenkins
  • Kelvin Garner as Uniformed Constable
  • Justin Marshall as Musician
  • Renato Vacirca as Musician
  • Dan Witton as Musician
  • Diana Glenn as Annie Stokes
  • Peter Rowsthorn as Eric Harrison
  • Mark Doggett as Director, John Flemming
  • Luke Jacka as Frederick Cave
  • Peter Moon as Squizzy's Tailor
  • William Fisher as Young Pickpocket
  • Andrew Hondromatidis as Member of the Press 1
  • James Ness as Member of the Press 2
  • Elliot Cyngler as Reporter
  • Stan Roach as Bail Justice
  • Lee Mason as Eugene Gorman
  • Peter Noble as David Jacobs
  • Greg Fleet as Richard Buckley
  • Andrew Ryan as Angus Murray
  • Joel Harvey as Prison Warden
  • Andrew Blackman as Judge Woinarski
  • Adam Batt as Jury Foreman
  • Alexander Rockstrom as Chief Steward
  • Caroline Craig as Jacqui James/Narrator
  • Brendan Guerin as Stunt Actor
  • Chris Chalmers as Stunt Actor
  • Chris Pace as Stunt Actor
  • Warwick Sadler as Stunt Actor


  • "Little Red Rooster - Low and Dirty" performed by Shane O'Mara, Loretta Miller and Ralf Rehak
  • "Give My Regards to Broadway" performed by Al Jolson
  • "Give My Regards to Broadway" performed by Jingle Cats
  • "The Nearness of You" performed by Ruby Carter