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Into The Mystic

Episode 3.01
Australia: Sunday, April 11, 2010 (8.30-9.30)
Ratings: 2.237 million viewers (1st)
Produced by Peter Gawler, Elisa Argenzio
Written by Felicity Packard
Directed by Tony Tilse

Teenage bouncer John Ibrahim saves Kings Cross enforcer Harry 'Hammer' Hammoud from being clobbered by drunks, earning him a chance meeting with Kings Cross boss George Freeman, whose mentor-like advice prompts John to take life-changing matters into his own hands.

Detective Sergeant Trevor Haken transfers to Kings Cross and eases into police corruption, collecting protection money from local businesses, drinking at all hours of the day, and inadvertently, causing a rift in his marriage.

Meanwhile, two young Uniformed Officers, Joe Dooley and Debbie Webb, question facts surrounding a public brawl between senior Kings Cross detectives and a mob of drunken youths.


  • Firass Dirani as John Ibrahim
  • John Akurangi as Hercules Tony
  • Mitch Bartlett as Wanda
  • Paul Kohn as The Archbishop
  • George Koutros as Russell Townsend
  • Waddah Sari as Buddy
  • Salvatore Coco as Harry "Hammer" Hammoud
  • Michael Gittany as Charlie Fish
  • Rebecca Slade as Michelle
  • Krystle Sansom as Donna
  • Adam Demos as School Kid
  • Johnny Lahoud as Captain Jack
  • Hazem Shammas as Bill Bayeh
  • Kurtis Gee as Fat Steve
  • Paul Moxey as Skinny Steve
  • Simon Melki as Steve Hardas
  • Russell Kiefel as Mel Mal
  • Lesley Hancock as Madame Dawn
  • Peter Phillips Vass as Benny Puta
  • Stephanie Delaney as Pamela Brown
  • Peter O'Brien as George Freeman
  • John McNeill as Lennie McPherson
  • Wil Traval as Joe Dooley
  • Cheree Cassidy as Debbie Webb
  • Gary Jarjoura as Luigi
  • Dieter Brummer as Trevor Haken
  • Madison Traynor as Haken's Daughter
  • Byron Bruce James as Haken's Son
  • Natalie Bassingthwaighte as Maria Haken
  • Rob Carlton as Neville "Scully" Scullion
  • Damien Garvey as Graham "Chook" Fowler
  • Tom O'Sullivan as Sean "Grunter" Sinclair
  • Diarmid Heidenreich as Eddie "Parrot" Gould
  • Daniel Roberts as Jim Egan
  • Jason Ghama as Ali Ghazzawie
  • Gary Jarjoura as Grimy Graham
  • Sandra P Galvin as Fran Egan
  • Meaghan Miller-McConochie as Mrs Gould
  • Melissa Colebrooks as Mrs Sinclair
  • Patrick Sherwood as Buck #1
  • Peter Scarf as Senior Constable Andrew
  • Toby Leonard Moore as Sergeant Dave
  • Stuart McRae as Snr Constable Les Leopold
  • Paul Tassone as Dennis Kelly
  • Georgina Haig as Georgina Freeman
  • Rowan Witt as Wilderness Society Koala
  • Richard Bennett as Samson
  • Anthony Martin as Principal
  • Steve Morris as Mick
  • Caroline Craig as Jacqui James / Narrator
  • Ray Anthony as Stunt Actor
  • Philip Partridge as Stunt Actor
  • Chris Mitchell as Stunt Actor
  • Paul Doyle as Stunt Actor
  • Normie Daghel as Stunt Actor
  • Kim Fardy as Stunt Actor
  • Brian Grogan as Stunt Actor
  • Mark Duncan as Stunt Actor
  • Igor Breakenback as Stunt Actor
  • Mike Duncan as Stunt Actor
  • Kerry Blakeman as Stunt Actor
  • Jack Kingsley as Stunt Actor
  • Salo Matapule as Stunt Actor
  • Goran Jakovski as Stunt Actor