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Squizzy Tempts Fate

Episode 6.05
Sunday, August 18, 2013 (9:00)
Ratings: 731,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Andy Muir
Directed by Karl Zwicky

The death of his baby girl sends Squizzy into a downward spiral. What's the point of trying to live a decent life when fate deals you such a blow? "To hell with it all", he says, and starts another war with the Narrows Gang, not caring whether he survives it or not.

On the home front, Lorna struggles to keep the facade of the good wife true. She knows what her husband does, if not the detail. Turning a blind eye is growing harder with every day. With Squizzy's crimes attracting a great deal of police attention, it is Lorna who must bear the brunt of it.

Loyal 2IC Tankbuster knows that Squizzy is running on empty and heading for a wall, but what can he do except try to protect him from himself? Just when things are spinning out of control Squizzy meets a new flame — ingenue Ida Pender. Could she be the voice of reason to help avert disaster?

Unfortunately, Ida proves to be less the voice of reason and more a fan for the flames, inspiring Squizzy to abscond while on bail for a burglary matter. He is now a man on the run for an insignificant crime. The madness of this festers between Tank and Ida who jockey like teenage brother and sister for Squizzy's attention. Only one can win.

The balance tips in Ida's favour when Squizzy decides to use her in a robbery that doesn't go to plan. Is this the end for Tank and his best mate? Needing time to regroup, Squizzy finds himself drawn back to the arms of safe, dependable Lorna. Maybe she is the stabiliser he needs. Maybe they can make a fresh start. Maybe they can have another child?

But after a night with Lorna, Squizzy realises he was wrong. Being with his wife stifles him. It is only Ida who allows him to breathe! However, Ida's inexperience in criminal matters lands both herself and Tankbuster in gaol, which inevitably threatens her lover Squizzy's freedom.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Elise Jansen as Lorna Kelly
  • Jared Daperis as Leslie "Squizzy" Taylor
  • Luke Ford as Albert "Tankbuster" McDonald
  • Gracie Gilbert as Ida Pender
  • Fletcher Humphrys as Edward Jenkin
  • Benjamin Johnson as Bank Teller
  • Wayne Tunks as Bank Manager
  • Luke Cadden as Father
  • Laura Maitland as Mother
  • Ella & Ivy Brkljacic as Baby
  • Sam Greco as "Bunny" Whiting
  • Ian Dixon as Ted Whiting
  • Dan Wyllie as Det. Frederick Piggott
  • Ashley Zukerman as Det. James Bruce
  • Ken Radley as Det. John Brophy
  • Bryce Hardy as Showshine
  • Dale Crawford as Hood
  • Daniel Frederiksen as Alexander Johanson
  • Kevin Kiernan-Molloy as Joseph Cotter
  • Sarah De Witt as Young Prostitute
  • Lee Mason as Eugene Gorman
  • Deanna Cataldo as Flower Seller
  • Michael "Wippa" Wipfli as Court Clerk
  • Mark Kenfoeld as Policeman
  • Susie Porter as Rose Taylor
  • Daniel Marando as Police Constable
  • Lisa Emanuel as Lizzie the Waitress
  • Emma Louse Pursey as Watch House Matron
  • Caroline Craig as Jacqui James/Narrator
  • Alex Yakimov as Stunt Actor
  • Chris Weir as Stunt Actor
  • Daniel Solis as Stunt Actor
  • Davin Taylor as Stunt Actor
  • Graham Jahne as Stunt Actor
  • Jacqueline Geeland as Stunt Actor


  • "You Me Bullets Love" performed by The Bombay Royale
  • "You Can Run" performed by The Orbweavers
  • "Mademoiselle from Armentières" (Traditional)
  • "He's Got The Power" performed by The Exciters
  • "Lovers 1" performed by Alpine